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2010 - 2019, one of the most craziest decades!

A lot of things have happened since 2010, and there's have been a lot of memorable moments in movies, gaming, TV, and more! Let's take a looks at some of our rememberable moments.

Yeah, this was a crazy decade for EVERYONE! HONK HONK! The world is like two sides of the same coin, just spinning over and over like crazy that we just don't care more. That's why it's sometimes called "Clown Wolrd." HONK HONK This was also the decade of the "Populist Movement" opposing towards Globalism, like the rise of Donald J. Trump (U.S.), Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, and Russian (Based) President Vladimir Putin.

This was also the worst decade with the lack of trustworthy news. The majority of the news in the west has been increasingly biased and fake, consequently ruining credibility.

The Mid and late 2010s have also been the worst for western motion pictures mostly from Holywood, liberal independents, and some European films. Cable Television is a lot worse, lacking creativity and originality because of worrying about agendas, cash grabs or both.

After 2012 it's been the worst decade when it comes to video gaming. Gamergate, Microtransactions, released half of a broken buggy game, expensive gaming PCs and more. Thankfully there's been alternatives for gaming such as, Intelivion Amico, Blu-play (Blu-ray Java games). Nintendo in the other hand has been doing very well with the release of the Nintendo Switch, a handheld/portable console hybrid using small card-based cartridges.

2016 was also the year of the famous British referendum also known as 'Brexit" when the majority of the British people (mostly from England) voted to get out of the controversial European Union. The U.K. and Western Europe have been facing a mass migration of mostly young Muslim men, slowly invading and changing the demographics. Consequently starting protests like the Yellow Vest protest in Paris, France. Canada and the U.K. have made similar protests wearing yellow vests clothing.

Canada's worst Prime Minister of all time Justin Trudeau, has been ruining the country with extremely Liberal polices, mass immigration from third world nations, and ruining the country's economy. As a democratic republic, it doesn't have the electoral college and thus and elected PM is only elected mostly in few cities (Vancouver, Toronto, Ontario and a few others.) Consequently lacking representation on the rural people.

The Globalist's worst (memeable) tool Geta Thunberg. She's Swedish and an environmentalist. That's all I have to say.

Deep-fake Conservatives are beginning to show their true colors, like Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA and Glenn Beck from The Blaze TV. This is being recently called "Conservative Inc.", these neo-cons are all for the fame and money, using conservatives and normies like sheep and lambs for themselves. Fox News is the biggest, mostly talking about the same topics over and over again. This is why they are called "The Gate Keepers", keeping from telling you more than the truth, the "HONEST" truth. It wouldn't be surprising if there was a Libreal Inc.

 The rise of famous "under-the-radar "Youtube (and Bitchute) stars and commentators like Sargon of Akkad, Soph, Styxx, Black Piegion, No Bull$^#%, Tim "I hate Evangelion" Pool, The Red Elephants, Geeks and Gamers, and much much more! But let's not forget the most subscribed Youtube channel, PewDeiPie!, with over 100 million subscribers. Let's not forget Alex Jones, who was banned on all known big-tech social media platforms.

The rise of Alternative Media like Voat, Duck Duck Go, Bitchute, Gab, Minds and many more!

Thanks to the internet, a lot have people have become smarter (and also stupid too.) Television is dead, thanks to Netflix and other streaming services. However, Netflix, Hulu, and a few other services have been lacking quality lately and also facing tough competition from HBO and Disney with their new services.

 The late 2010s have been years of censorship in the West mostly in North America and Europe. A new social media app/website called Gab, also known as the free-speech alternative to Twitter, has become increasingly popular and more popular after a "revision" when Gab joined the Mastodon and the Fedeverse. During its transition, over time it turned from an ugly virgin to a beautiful chad. Updating every month, it's not perfect but it's better than Twitter. My only criticism of the new Gab is that it feels more like twitter, while the old Gab felt like Facebook and more stable.

If Trump leaves Twitter and switches over to Gab, Twitter is done for good! Gab is the most populated "Instance" in the Fediverse. Gab will be launching Gab TV service and their cryptic chat service next year!

Virginia Second Amendment Controversy of 2019, when Virngian Governor Raph Northam and his Liberal Government proposed to take semi-automatic rifles. the people rebelled, and the majority of the VA counties we're established as "Second Admement Santurary Counties". A few counties are already forming Militias and being prepared to defend their rights. It could get ugly by the 2020s. Many Virginians have made a petition to make the Commonwealth have a state-wide electoral college. Just like Canada, Virginia's elected officials are mostly elected from a few urban areas (NoVA, Hampton Roads and Richmond) Lacking representation in rural areas. Many have said and predict that Virginia will be the starting point of America's Second Civil War and the new Richmond rally next month will be the new Furgson after rumors of Antifa would be there. 

This is not everything from the 2010s but these are the top moments most recently and relevant. 

Like every decade no one knows what will happen in the 2020s, maybe it will be like the 1920s or something else. The majority has said that it will get worse with the culture war. 

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