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💜 Storyteller February Update - Norfolk #4, Website maintenance, Gab chat, Bridgeway canceled and more!

   Artwork by the one and only Disco!! He's cool, you should check him out!

This February Valentines is almost around the corner! Norfolk #4 will be scheduled this month on 2/20/2020. The only things left to do is finish 6 more pages with pencil and ink, then digital editing and after that PUBLISHED! 

 Norfolk #4 will take place six months before the events of the very first issue. Cineathon and Agathon travel to Mars for a mission to destroy an Illegal Opium operation that's been killing thousands of people in Norfolk City, Virginia and the rest of North America. They must destroy the manufacturing facility and eliminate the dealers of the operation. Will the duo be able to stop them in time? Don't want to spoil anything but there are new villans on the way!

Ew, pretty flower can I touch it? NO, YOU CAN NOT! 
Papaver somniferum, commonly known as the opium poppy or breadseed poppy, stuff that inside the flower (Opium) is used for good and sadly for evil.

Anselm Feuerbach (1829-1880) painted this scene from Plato's Symposium in 1869. It depicts the tragedian Agathon as he welcomes the drunken Alcibiades into his house.

Cineathon and Agathon first appeared in issue #3 helping the Legionnaire to defeat the third Phathom "Acedia". Cineathon and Agathon we're named after real-life Ancient Greek poets, Agathon was an Athenian tragic poet whose works were sadly lost. He is best known for his appearance in Plato's Symposium, which describes the banquet given to celebrate his obtaining a prize for his first tragedy at the Lenaia in 416. He is also a prominent character in Aristophanes' comedy the Thesmophoriazusae. Cineathon of Sparta is a legendary Greek poet to whom different sources ascribe the lost epics Oedipodea, Little Iliad and Telegony. Eusebius says that he flourished in 764/3 BC

We've been doing web maintenance, improving the homepage, adding cool stuff and oh...did we forget to mention we FINALLY bought a domain name? YEP! It's officially called (PW stands for "professional web" but also a country-domain name from the Pacific island nation of Palau!) 🇵🇼 🌴

We've added an Alternative TV page we're you watch alternative underrated shows and channels from Youtube. They are informative, funny and awesome to watch, check them out and support them if you enjoy their content. We've added Mesopotamian ruler, Sargon of Akkad, independent journalist, Tim "I don't like Evangelion" Pool, Red Elephants w/ Vincent James, Amazing Lucas and many more! These channels will be subject to change, so no promises if they get removed by their host. (We will add links if they switched to an alternative website such as Bitchute). We'll be adding more channels every month! 

Gab Chat has arrived and boy it looks good! You can have public chat rooms or private chat rooms with encryption so no nosey-ass can look up your most daring secrets! No Gab Pro membership required it's free. Privacy is not a crime! It's okay to be private.  🤫 So far it looks really good and I highly recommend Gab chat over Facebook messenger or Discord, if you want true privacy. 🔒 

Let's just hope Andrew Torba doesn't kill it like he did with Dissenter, (the old Dissenter) It was perfect! 

I got sad news (if anyone really cared) but Bridgeway is officially canceled, the sci-fi epic has been discontinued due to low sales and low popularity despite its viral marketing. You can still purchase Bridgeway now 29% off exclusively on 

Bridgeway was supposed to be a big epic sci-fi series, but sadly never seen the light of day.

This is all for now for this month's update but we got something special for Valentines Day! STAY TUNED!


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