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Gab's new rival, Parler aka Twitter 2.0 . Conservative Inc.'s new tool to oppress free speech with propaganda and centralization.

Gab has a new rival, Parler aka Twitter 2.0. Conservative Inc.'s new tool to oppress free speech with propaganda and centralization. 

Parler (from the French word for "to speak") was founded by CEO John Matze in 2018, 2 years after Gab's creation. Parler has been gaining a surge in usership after prominent mainstream conservative personalities, among them Brad Parscale*, Senator Mike Lee*, and activist Candace Owens*, signed up and publicized the network to their social media followers on other platforms.

Other notable users include conservative personalities banned from Twitter or other networks. A wave of names in conservative media and politics joined Parler in June 2020, including Donald Trump Jr.*, Candace Owens*, Dan Bongino*, Rudy Giuliani*, Katie Hopkins*, Alex Jones and Ted Cruz*.

In accordance with its free speech policy, Parler adopts a laissez-faire approach to offensive speech, citing the FCC's definition of obscenity to define the threshold for acceptable conduct. It is thus permissive of content that would be deemed offensive on other platforms.

In the left-leaning periodical New Statesman, Sarah Manavis described Parler as "synonymous with the alt-right" and "an echo chamber for hard-right views." The New European called Parler "an echo chamber where only the shrillest sounds reverberate into the void."

Parler is part of a list of social network platforms, including Minds, MeWe, Gab and BitChute, that are popular with people banned from mainstream networks such as Twitter, Reddit, YouTube and Facebook.

However, there's has been criticism service for not being open-sourced and decentralized.

In June 2020 the conservative establishment, US President Donald Trump, and his family has teamed up together, endorsed, and promoted Parler making a resulting in a huge flood of users. Parler is making the Liberal Establishment and Legacy Media nervous. said, "Parler is emerging as the most viable alternative to Big Tech monopolist, showing that the free market may have a solution for Orwellian tyranny."

That is pure propaganda based on a lie, Parler is has a nice interface, gaining userbase and an alternative tech/alt-media "at the moment" BUT NOT the most viable alternative to Big tech/Big media monopoly. 

Gab and Btichute are the most viable alternatives against Big tech/Big media monopoly. because they're open-source and decentralized, unlike Parler. Gab has an estimated number of 1.5 million users and Bitchute has 3 million. with over 4 million unregistered visitors. 

Gab was the FIRST social media site to support free speech, the Conservative Establishment claims Parler was the first and they make a huge deal out of it. This is obviously FLASE, Gab came out in August 2016, Parler came out in August 2018. 

Mainstream Neocon Don Bangino, who appears of Fox News regularly is not only on Parler but owns a financial stake of it. (We're looking at you, Jack) Bangino via Twitter claims that Parler is the first real free speech social media platform. Obviously a lie. This shows you how sick ways NeoCons are for desperation. The NeoCons even hate Gab so much they pretend it doesn't exist.

Andrew Torba, founder of Gab made a post telling everyone about Conservative Inc.'s true colors.

NeoCons of Conservative Inc. are just as authoritarian and censorious as the far-left authoritarians that control Big Tech and the mainstream media. 

On Prager U's channel of The Candance Owen Show, Pual Joseph Watson calls Gab and Bitchute ghettos for "White supremacist" and Candace Owens says it was okay to censor them. Both Watson and Owens support Parler as their great "real free speech" alternative to Twitter. They are as hypocritable as their Liberal rivals. Ironically, Watson was on Gab and Btichute for awhile while Big tech was censoring him. 

Another NeoCon of the Conservative Establishment, Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning point USA got Nick Fuentes censored on Twitter by flagging him because he didn't like what Fuentes had to say. Fuentas was criticizing Kirk for his hypocrisy. 

Parler is a conservative establishment echo chamber that's equalivant to Twitter being a Liberal establishment echo chamber for many years. Parler has been censoring accounts (both left-wing and right-wing) despite claiming "free speech" and many feel unwelcomed at that site. 

Once Parler gets enough users they'll do the same stuff that made you leave Twitter. 
Gab won't ask for your phone number or any other personal info but Parler sure does. (Red Flag) 

Recommend watch Justin Derby's video about Parler via Bitchute

A reminder that Parler isn't opensource also, its another closed source corporate platform also with a weird social credit score system to see who's a good or naughty boy. (Another red flag!) Wee-o! Wee-o! 

There was a post from @SheifJoe on Parler about a silly joke about Marco Rubio 

“I’m Marco Rubio, anyone know where I can find some breast milk? My wife left me.”

Then this happened. 

SheifJoe made a mean joke about Marco Rubio who's part of the GOP Conservative Establishment (and also on Parler). then gets banned, claiming it's "Obscenity". Rubio has been promoting the site with propaganda calling it "a great site".

You'd of thought the people behind Parler would have waited just a little longer to show their hand and true colors but nope..dumb and dumber. And this time it's 'Conservatives' silencing Conservatives? 🥴 How many times will the RIGHT allow itself to be deceived ..I think I need an emoji showing me pulling out my hair!

Then Daily Beast journo was banned from Parler.

Parler is only the consummation of migrating the right vs left false dichotomy, from TV to social media. Just as some figures wouldn't get air time on FOX or CNN, as the case may be, Twitter removes a number of conservatives and Parler will do the same with other liberals. Two ideological ghettos.
And none of them will touch certain topics or allow independent critic opinions to spread. 

The survival of Gab is critical for free speech.

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Unknown said…
The social media site PolitiChatter was suspended on Parler, no reason, no nothing. Why is that?
clayusmcret said…
Gab, Parler, etc. More conservative options undercutting each other and letting Twitter rule the roost. No different than how republicans undercut each other to give democrats the win.
jay d said…
Your article is chock-full of typos, misspellings, and copy editing errors. Just so you know. Thank you, it's interesting anyhow.

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