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Norfolk Tabletop Tactical RPG coming from Storyteller Interactive.

Today we officially announce Storyteller's first game creation, Norfolk RPG, a pen n' paper tabletop tactical role-playing game designed & written by A.E. Firestone. Go'n old-school! 


Based on the comic-books from the same name, the game is about giant robots vs. giant monsters with a story-driven narrative. Who doesn't love that? 

In the far future in the city of Norfolk, VA, a team of giant mechas controlled by the Virginian government battles waves of different exotic giant monsters that come from the Atlantic Ocean. 

The game's RPG system is compatible with single-player, multi-player, and Co-op. It is designed to be easy and complex at the same time, less frustration, challenging, and more fun! 

For now, it's in private alpha testing with a few individuals, once it's ready it will be released as an open public beta for anyone to try the basic game rules before the full release. The first game night was pretty fun, but the game rules are flawed and need to be fixed.

What's going on with the Alpha Version? Well here are a few things that are being fixed.

- XP Progression Leveling system
- Giving Buildings XP and more depth
- Adding Auto-Sentry Turrets, Health Kits, and Power-ups.
- Adding new Mecha and Kaiju characters
- Making the rules more comprehensive and understanding.
- Adding more scenarios and character's moves.

Due to woke censorship in the entertainment industry, It's time to start making our own stuff or look for alternatives. This is the first game project from Storyteller and we hope everyone will enjoy Norfolk RPG in the near future. 

In the meantime, check out the Norfolk comics and our other book titles!




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