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Public Beta of Norfolk Solo Tabletop Role-playing game arrives on Sun 12!

We're excited to announce the public beta of the Norfolk Tabletop Role-playing game arrives on Sun 12! The RPG system was designed to be quick and easy to learn, all you will need is the RPG core rule book (pdf), pencil, sheets of paper, two six-sided dice, one twelve-sided die, and sixteen-sided die. You can use a calculator and digital dice if you want. 

The beta version doesn't represent the final product and may be subject to change, alot of feedback will be appreciated to improve the game in the final version. The good part is that the final version of this game engine will be open-source. The Beta will only be for single-player only and a multi-player version may come later. 

What is Norfolk about?

It is based on the webcomic series by the same name by A.E. Firestone, In the future, a giant mecha named "The Legionnaire" and his allies must defend the city of Norfolk, VA from exotic giant monsters called "Fathoms" that threaten to destroy the city but they're not the only threat they will encounter.

The Alpha version was a mess and it was improved for Beta testing, so we hope to get a lot of feedback from the Beta version. There will be invites to some people and it will be released publically on our website. Hope you have fun with this short n' sweet Beta. A reminder it will be English only and Single-Player only for the Beta Version. 

Signing off. 


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