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Norfolk: The Role-Playing Game to be released on November 20.


Storyteller's tabletop role-playing game, Norfolk will be released on November 20, 2020. 

Based on the comics by A.E. Firestone, this game to be played up to 6 players and a gamemaster as a referee. The players are dived into 2 teams, the vicious giant titans called "Fathoms" that want to destroy the city of Norfolk and the heroic giant robots called "Machinmas" that want to protect the city and its people. The game is a turned-based tactical RPG, this is for people with a military mindset and for people who love giant monster movies and giant robots. It will be a 64-page rule book, it will not include dice but it will include a player's section, gamemaster section, and blank character sheets. 

This was made in response to wokeness and far-left propaganda in role-playing and gaming hobbies especially Dungeons and Dragons. Norfolk RPG will have a short 'n sweet story and unorthodox rules of role-playing. No woke crap, this was made to have fun and have a great time while also enjoying the lore of the Norolfk Universe. Normal people don't care about politics and just want to escape and play.

The game is also like a hybrid of a traditional RPG and a non-RPG board game with a narrative story involved using the custom-made Midnight Engine. The Midnight Engine will be open-source for people to make there own games or mods if they wish. The game will be released on November 20, 2020, on both physical and digital in English only. The digital version will be downloadable for free and DRM-free. Hope y'all enjoy it.


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