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Campbell County passes resolution opposing Gov. Northam's recent executive order while militias, elected officials lead rally to oppose governor's COVID-19 orders.


Governor Ralph "Black Face" Northam (D) has been making unlawful and unconstitutional executive orders since his days in office against the Virginian people, when it comes to the Second Amendment and now freedom of will with his new harsh and crazy Covid-19 restrictions, but the Virginian Counties like Cambell County are not backing down. Bedford, Appomattox , and others are also looking into it.

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Campbell County supervisors have passed a resolution rejecting Gov. Ralph Northam’s recent executive order, declaring the county a “First Amendment sanctuary” and directing the county to express opposition to the governor’s new safety guidelines that limit the size of gatherings, among other restrictions.

Northam’s executive order, issued last month, caps indoor and outdoor gatherings to no more than 25 people in an effort to suppress the spread of COVID-19 as cases climb locally and nationally. It also directs restaurants and bars to stop on-site alcohol sales at 10 p.m. and close by midnight.

The county’s new resolution, approved unanimously Tuesday evening by the Campbell County Board of Supervisors, parallels the Second Amendment sanctuary resolution passed by the board more than a year ago and calls for the rejection of Northam’s mandates, which the board deems “unconstitutional.”

The proposed resolution states the governor’s mandate is in violation of the Constitution of Virginia and seeks to oppose enforcement of the executive order. Specifically, it states no county funds will be used to restrict “the First Amendment,” and requests the sheriff’s office “not assist any state law enforcement officer, state health agent or federal agent” attempting to enforce the order.

Dozens of Campbell County residents turned out to back the resolution, many a united front in camo, blue jeans and ballcaps. When Concord District Supervisor Matt Cline began to read the resolution, there was a flurry of movement as they took off their face masks in a show of support. The same solidarity brought the crowd to its feet as residents praised the county for passing the resolution and, in turn, dismissed the few residents who took to the podium to speak in opposition.

The Campbell County resolution is modeled off of similar ones that have emerged around the state, distributed by various conservative organizations or brought before boards in neighboring counties. Last week, Bedford County opted not to discuss a “No Shutdown” resolution, citing too-harsh language that overextended the county’s power — like paragraphs directing local sheriff’s offices to arrest officials enforcing the governor’s mandate.

Cline introduced his First Amendment sanctuary resolution at the meeting after Brookneal District Supervisor Charlie Watts and Sunburst District Supervisor Steve Shockley read their own statements of support.

“It’s a sad day in the United States of America and the Commonwealth of Virginia when a governor using unlegislated mandates is harassing, fining citizens, business owners and elected officials, forcing compliance through fear and intimidation,” Cline said. “I took an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America, and that oath does not have an expiration date. Moreover, our position as an elected official obligates us to take a stand for the rights and liberties of citizens that we serve.”

Drafted this past week, Cline said the resolution seeks to continue the board’s support for local law enforcement and maintain its positive “working relationship” with its county departments.*


Most people have to understand that we Virginians will not tolerate this kind of tyranny from our politicians. My people are not cowards or p**** like everyone else, the Virginian militias will always be standing by against any kind of tyranny that effects our lives and families. Most people don't know that any county or county law enforcement can reject any law that they believe is unconstitutional (and crazy). Checks and balances, baby! We will never forget the Richmond Rally after the Governor wanted to infringe the Second Amendment. 


U.S. Rep-elect Bob Good, R-5th (right), shakes hands with a rally attendee as militias from Campbell, Appomattox and Bedford counties gather Saturday at Timbrook Park to oppose Gov. Ralph Northam’s recent mandates.
Photo Credit: Jamey Cross

From N&A

Following Campbell County supervisors' recent resolution opposing new statewide COVID-19 restrictions, about 300 people — including local militia members and elected officials — gathered Saturday to show they also reject the new rules.

Last month, Gov. Ralph Northam announced new health and safety mandates that, among other things, cap certain public and private gatherings, both indoors and outdoors, at 25 attendees and require face coverings for all Virginians five and older in indoor public spaces.

On Saturday, the crowd at Timbrook Park in Campbell County included representatives from militias in Campbell, Appomattox and Bedford counties; other residents of these counties and Lynchburg; and elected officials. Members of the Campbell County Sheriff's Office directed traffic. 

Campbell County militia leader Wes Gardner said the gathering was a way of demonstrating First Amendment freedoms. 

"You should have the ability to come out and assemble to air grievances against the government," Gardner said.

On Tuesday, the Campbell County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution declaring the county a "First Amendment sanctuary," rejecting the governor's executive order and directing the county to oppose the newest guidelines. Supervisors in Bedford and Appomattox counties are considering similar resolutions. 

"They [Campbell County supervisors] had a duty to stand with the citizenry, and the citizenry stood up and said, 'We do not want this here,' and as representatives, that's their job, is to do what the people want," Gardner said. "And the people don't want that stuff here in Campbell County." 

U.S. Rep.-elect Bob Good, R-5th, a former Campbell County supervisor, spoke at Saturday's rally, thanking local leaders who are opposing the governor's mandates. 

"We are here to demand our First Amendment rights," Good said. "Our First Amendment rights to assemble, our First Amendment rights to worship, our rights to be a free people."

Matt Cline, who represents the Concord District on the Campbell County Board of Supervisors, said the resolution was a message to the governor and law enforcement that residents will not comply with the mandates. 

"That resolution was much more than symbolic," he said.**


In conclusion, this is a serious situation for all Virginians. We can never vote out the Liberal Democrat party because of city mob rule. It would be nice to have a state-wide electoral college. We either fight for our home, succeed or Democracy dies in Darkness. (Oh wait)



*Source 1 from Sarah Honosky of The News & Advance 

**Source 2 from Jamey Cross of The News & Advance

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