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What is Vexit? And why every Virginian should join the movement.

 Article by Jane Doe. 

It's been 160 years since West Virginia seceded from Virginia. Now, some West Virginia Republicans are encouraging conservative counties that stayed behind to leave.

Vexit is a movement that Virginian counties want to succeed from the state from the corrupt overlords of Richmond. Breaking away from the blue counties/cities of NoVA, Hampton Roads, and Richmond. West Virginia's Governor urged the counties to join his state. 

Two bills are currently advancing in the West Virginia state legislature to bring in new counties. One measure looks to bring in Frederick County, in northwestern Virginia, using language dating back to the time of the state split, and another broadens the invitation to all counties in the state.

Republican state Del. Gary Howell, who backs the broader bill, described his bill in an interview with CNN as the way to "prevent civil war," arguing that people have the right to "live the way they want."

There are some that want to create a new state as a whole, while others do not.

But not to repeat the same mistakes, some has called for a state-wide Electoral College from Democratic mob rule. (Democracy in a nutshell). Virginia no longer has a government of a Constitutional Republic, but a Democracy. Virginia has been controlled by three areas, Richmond, Hampton Roads, and NoVA. Thanks to internal immigration from the Northern States, and Legal and Illegal foreign Immigrations. That has no respect for Virngian culture and it's people.

 Immigration is invasion. 

If we do not establish a state-wide electoral college, then the whole process will repeat itself and all of this would be for nothing.

This moment has an official website called, but it's currently down for some reason.

The campaign has grown since Liberty University's President Jerry Faweel Jr. and W. Virginia's Governor made the announcement. 

The group wants Virngians to sign petitions and vote to leave the Commonwealth to take sanctuary in West Virginia. 

Watch: Brexit leader Nigel Farage comes to Liberty University to talk about Vexit 2020, giving Virngians some advice. 

From CBN

"What originally started as moral support has morphed into something much more," 

West Virginia State Delegate Gary Howell (R) tells CBN News.

He's inviting his disaffected neighbors to cross the line and switch sides so to speak.

"We see that kindred spirit on the other side of the mountains and that's why we want to give that help to our fellow Virginians. They're just like us," he continues.

He's behind a resolution that would allow Virginia localities, with permission of their local and state governments, plus approval by West Virginia voters, to join the Mountaineer state. Any locality can join, not just those along the state border. Howell says they would simply become "islands of West Virginia."

The new Democratic majority in Virginia's legislature is churning out a slew of new laws on gun control, abortion, and special LGBT protections that many worries will negatively affect church-run ministries. Many longtime Virginians no longer recognize their state.

When asked if he's had any takers, Howell says Virginia counties are reaching out to him.

"Vexit" or the Virginia exit has shown up on at least one board of supervisors' agenda, and other localities are reportedly interested too.

Howell is fielding practical questions about whether or not professional licenses would transfer.

"We've looked at integrating state police, highways, the retirement system," he explains.

Even West Virginia's governor is on board.

"If you're not truly happy where you are – we stand with open arms to take you from Virginia or anywhere you may be – we stand strongly behind the Second Amendment and we stand strongly for the unborn," Gov. Jim Justice said during a recent press conference in Martinsburg with Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr.

"Somebody asked me, do you think this is the beginning of the next Civil War? And I said, no, this is what prevents it," Howell says confidently.


The Vexit2020 petitions are all yours, to start collecting signatures to get Vexit on YOUR local ballot!

Download now and get copies to your friends!

"We're quickly getting county coordinators lined up. If you're in a county where we have a coordinator, we can help you get petitions in their hands. If not, scan and email them back to us at, and we can get them to your Board of Supervisors. Make sure you keep a copy, so you can network with the like-minded folks in your locality!"



Hope many Virginians wake up and sign the mention, the Virginia Counties should take the offer and join West Virginia while they still can. Have a Change of heart.

Sic semper tyrannis

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