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Gettr: Just another Twitter clone with bots, fakes, bugs, censorship and lack of security.

                       "GETTR done!" - Larry the Cable Guy probably. | Art by Disco

Written by Alan Smithee.

Gettr (stylized GETTR), a portmanteau of "getting together", is a social media platform launched in July 2021 and created by Jason Miller, a former Donald Trump aide and spokesman. Gettr has been described as a conservative social media platform. Gettr describes itself as a "non-bias [sic] social network", and bills itself as an alternative to mainstream social networks, writing in a mission statement that its aims include "fighting cancel culture, promoting common sense, defending free speech, challenging social media monopolies, and creating a true marketplace of ideas".

Well that's completely false because, it contains alot of "mainstream" Conservative celebrities (mostly grifters and fakes). Many people have criticized it for being another echo-chamber for conservatives like Paler (Twitter is an echo chamber for the liberals.) and it's censorship. 

And yet mainstream conservatives (Conservative Inc.™) flocks to every platform other than Alt-tech platforms like Gab, LYBRY, Bitchute, etc. It's because they are controlled opposition wing of the same globalist uniparty bird. Main stream "conservatives" don't get on Gab because it allows free speech. Trump's team wanted Gab to change TOS to ban criticism of Israel and Zionists before they would get on it. It's so blatant as to who owns them, yet most conservatives just don't get it.

Anyone who thinks Republicans have their best interest in mind is either low info or low IQ, or both.

BTW, How does Mike Pompeo allegedly have over 1 million followers in a single day? Sum ting wong and we better GETTR to the bottom of it!

Explain to us how a Mike Pompeo account accumulated 1.1M followers in a single day?

"These Gettr engagement numbers just seem blatantly fraudulent. They either have a bug artificially boosting engagement/following numbers or they are doing this on purpose, or there are hella bots. Fake news.

Look at these following counts and you tell me… joined July… it’s July 4th….

(Update: seems this is on purpose and fraudulent. They are purposefully faking the number by copying the number of Twitter followers they have then adding any Gettr followers to trick people into thinking there are people on the app)" - @John_Matze

Yeah....I don't believe these numbers are possible .GETRR has no free speech by the way. 

They are not on your side, neither are the mainstream conservatives. They are gate keepers, that's why they talk in circles.

Gettr is using artificial intelligence to ban “hate speech,” just like Facebook and Twitter. Hate speech isn’t real. It doesn’t exist. Source. Any social media app that's allowed on android and apple app-store can not be free speech. (The stores are known to censor and ban certain apps like Gab. Google gave them 14 days, Apple didn't give them a chance at all. 

On July 4, 2021, Some high-profile Gettr accounts, including those of Miller and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, were compromised and had their account names changed to show the name of the alleged attacker and a message supporting Palestine. The hacker came from Iraq. This is because, GRFTTR aren’t even minimizing their JavaScript code - meaning their source code is an open book - no reverse engineering needed - just look for easy exploits. Amateur hour! The hack was seriously pretty bad (and embarrassing), this is why you pay for penn testing and have a bug bounty.

Free Palestine. 🇵🇸 One struggle under the same occupiers.

"High level "influencers" on GETTR are able to get auto followed. In other words, the establishment political figures are able to immediately build a huge audience so that they can grift. With Gab, you actually have to EARN your audience, which allows for new voices to rise up!" - @william5849

And of course, bots, scammers and trolls raiding the party.

The app feels pretty good but lacks serious features, especially the lack notifications or any way to find accounts that aren't just fake or Spam. If the app stay on the Apple App Store they will likely be censoring discussions per Apple’s request. I'm very curious how this pans out. 

I would not recommend using this "one-sided" site or the app, it's prone to hacking, there's bots/scammers/fake accounts,  Engagement on Jason Miller’s page is suspiciously high and it's a FED trap. Most these other so called "conservative and patriotic" outlets like Parler, Rumble, Trump's blog, and Frank are nothing but data mining traps to collect your data. The good news for Gettr is that there's no Google, Facebook or any other trackers found, but that doesn't mean anything and their privacy practices are questionable. So, I'm not impressed with what I've seen so far.


Update: Here's something a little extra.


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