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Off the beaten path...

🚀 PKD: Mr. Spaceship
A human brain-controlled spacecraft would mean mechanical perfection. This was accomplished, and something unforeseen: a strange entity called— Mr. Spaceship.

🇪🇺 European Travels
Off to the West, we go!

🔧 Quick Fix: 3.0.1 - 9/18/23
It's hard to believe it's been over a year since our last Quick Fix; anyway, here's what we changed in Version 3.0.1. Removed bloated and unnecessary code Changed co…

🍄 Dave and the Shrooms
A dude that likes mushrooms is a fun-gi.

🦆 🐇Oscar and Harold.
A friend is like a book: you don't need to read all of them, just pick the best ones.

🐷 The Pig Story
A perfect name to call a pig that always talks too much is Hogwash.

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