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Me at 18, being typical cynical. Fresh-out of high-school kid believed in the "I've given up in humanity" bullcrap working at a summer job at an amusement park, operating rides.


What's this site about? is a web portal/blog hybrid created in 2019 from Storyteller Studios. We talk about games, movies, TV, books, comics, rants, satire, jokes, and tech. We often stay away from the mainstream as best as possible and look through the alternatives. We used to talk about politics, mostly Virginian politics, you outsiders wouldn't understand. Our target readers are 13 to (preferably 16) and up from the English-speaking world, (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and their territories.) You're probably wondering, why we have ".pw" in our domain, it's stands for "Professional Web." 

Alright who's responsible here?

This site was created by a few Virginians, the project is led by A. E. Firestone and he is the owner of Storyteller Studios. He oversees everything and sometimes writes a few articles (when he feels like it). But the majority of our articles are written by Jane Doe, John Doe, Joe Bloggs, and Alan Smithee; they are contributors and they maintain this website. We've been dreaming of making this kind of  website for years. Red, the Cardinal is the webmaster, he sits in his desk and stairs at the monitor all day in the lunar space station.

What can I do here?
  • You can look around and read our weird articles.
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Tell me more about Storyteller Studios?

Formerly called BrentArts, based in Norfolk, Virginia, we are a content-creation publishing imprint. We make and release books, comics and games. The studio was created in 2011, the publishing imprint was created in 2015, and the gaming division was created 2020. We're not afraid to show our Virginian pride!

Our other sites

Want eargasm? PCM is calling you. Learn more about the dazzling uncompressed sound technology, that has dominated physical media since the 80's! 

Read our web-comic, Norfolk, through it's own dedicated website. A mech named, the Legionnaire, must stop kaiju from destroying Norfolk City. Art n' story by Æ Firestone. Availability in many languages!

Search our vast repository of knowledge and half-truths. Receive technical and emotional support.

Our Beliefs

We do not tolerate any degenerate left-wing ideologies or any form of progressivism including (Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Civic Nationalism, National Socialism, BLM, LGBTQ, Antifa, Zionism, Globalism, Wokeism, etc.)

We only care about Traditional Western Christian values. Don't like it, tough! 

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