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What's this site about?

Storyteller is a Virginian web magazine launched in 2019. We release politically incorrect short stories, satirical shaggy dogs, and comics, but we also write reviews, rants, and opinions about games, movies, shows, books, tech, etc. Very often, we stay away from the mainstream and serve as a web portal for the alternative underground. It was named after the British pulp magazine, The Story-teller (1907-1937).

Our shaggy dog stories and long jokes have very spicey humor and are often offensively politically incorrect as we make fun of everyone and everything including ourselves.

Our target readers are weird teens and young adults from the Anglosphere, (US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.) 

You're probably wondering, why we have ".pw" in our domain, it stands for "Professional Web." 

Alright, who's responsible here?

The site was created by a few Virginians, and the project is led by A. E. Firestone, the owner, and webmaster. He oversees everything and sometimes writes a few articles (when he feels like it). But the majority of our non-story articles are written by Jane Doe, John Doe, Joe Bloggs, and Alan Smithee; they are contributors and they maintain this website. We've been dreaming of making this kind of website for years.

What can I do here?
  • You can look around and read our weird articles.
  • Read comics, buy our books (buy lots), or download our tabletop RPG or other goodies.
  • Check out our Alternative Technology page for the latest Alt-tech!
  • Check out our links page for the coolest and weirdest websites around.
  • Subscribe to us via RSS to get all the posts and follow on social media.

Tell me more about Storyteller Studios?

Formerly called BrentArts, based in Norfolk, Virginia, we are a content-creation publishing imprint. We make and release original books, comics, and analog games. The studio was created in 2011, the publishing imprint was created in 2015, and the gaming division was created in 2020. We're not afraid to show our Virginian pride!

Our other sites

Read our webcomic, Norfolk, through its own dedicated website. A mech named, the Legionnaire, must stop kaiju from destroying Norfolk City. Art n' story by ร† Firestone. Availability in many languages!

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