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Here at Storyteller, we're dedicated to show a variety of fantastic websites and online communities that are alternatives to the mainstream, independent bubbles, businesses of the parallel economy, etc…  These (mostly) fantastic websites' demographics range from gamers who's obsessed over how to beat every level on the hardest difficulty without losing, to rabid conspiracy theorists who seek to uncover the deepest secrets—they're all out there. We try to maintain an accurate and up-to-date list of the best-recommended sites, but it's sometimes hard to keep up. So, here's the latest.

Storyteller Sites

  • - The home of Storyteller (that's us). You're already here, obviously.
  • Norfolk - Read A.E. Firestone's webcomic about kaiju and mecha action, taking place in Norfolk, Virginia. 
  • Alternative Tech & Media - Look at the fantastic Alt-Tech on this dedicated page.
  • Storyteller Help - Search our vast repository of knowledge and half-truths. Receive technical and emotional support.


  • Blu-Play - A dedicated site for homebrew Blu-ray-Java video games. Developers wanted! 
  • - The #1 award-winning website for retro gaming news and reviews.
  • Niche Gamer - The #1 source and community for both niche and unique games across the globe. 
  • KoopaTV - KoopaTV is a site that talks about games, reviews, commentary, interviews, and more.
  • Altar of Gaming - A growing gaming database, with a heavy focus on MMORPGs, Fighting Games, FPS, and Mobile Gacha Games. 
  • The Geek Getaway - A website owned by TonyTGD that reviews all sorts of games.
  • Cola Powered Gamer - A gaming blog from ColaPoweredGamer, he reviews many games including the ones under the radar.
  • TGG - Owned by a gamer gang from Sweden, they are about everything from video games, anime, IT, technology, cosplay to movies.
  • IndieGala - An Italian-owned PC game store offering Steam keys and freebies!
  • - A website offering indie games for computers.
  • GOG - A game store from Polish company CD Projekt, offering DRM-Free games for Windows, Linux, and Mac without requiring a client or online nonsense.
  • Steam - Gabe Newell's empire, despite being overrated, it's an awesome digital store offering the best of the best of PC and Linux gaming with good deals and innovation. 
  • Hard Core Gaming 101 - Talks about gaming and nothing but gaming.
  • Mumble - An alternative to Discord
  • Misty Mountain Gaming - The largest dice company in the southeast U.S., as well as one of the largest in the world.

Movies & TV

  • Loor - A new streaming service offering true indie and underground movies from professional content creators with a merit system and without the diversity inclusion propaganda. 
  • LaserDisc Database  - A database of LaserDiscs, the grandaddy of DVDs, is also a nice site for looking up older pre-2010 movies and dead or niche media formats.
  • - Not associated with the BD association, but it's the #1 source for anything Blu-ray for reviews or looking up good titles. (Rarely reviews exclusive DVDs.) 
  • 3D Film Archive - A dedicated historical archive about 3D films and other things 3D.
  • Woke or Worth it - A website for reviewing movies, TV shows, and games as an alternative to Rotten Tomatoes, providing unbiased reviews for woke, woke-ish, and non-woke content.

  • - is the home for independent information and reviews of hi-res music content in both stereo and multichannel including Super Audio CD and Blu-ray Audio.
  • - The original version as
  • PureAudio Blu-ray - Music in glorious uncompressed PCM audio and other formats. The store closes at Christmas time.
  • Never Ending Radio Show - Internet radio that never ends.

  • Arkhaven - The #1 alternative to Western comic books, away from the mainstream like Marvel and Amazon. 
  • Bounding into Comics - The #1 source for comic book and geek news.
  • Electric Dinosaur - Home of "Rebel Yell", the hero for Southerners.
  • Stonetoss - A political satire webcomic that's full of sus.
  • Based Comic Strip - A cute (and based) comic strip that's there to make you mad.
  • Owen Cyclops - A Christian guy who likes weird things and drawing. Nice artwork too.
  • Plok: The Comic - Remember that Plok game for the SNES? He lives on officially as a cute webcomic!


  • Infogalactic - An alternative to Wikipedia without Marxist propaganda.
  • - Video Game Music Preservation Foundation, the Wikipedia of video game music!
  • Audacity Wiki  Wiki for Audacity® - a free, award-winning open-source application for recording and editing sound.
  • The Cutting Room Floor - A site dedicated to unearthing and researching unused and cut content from video games.
  • - An encyclopedia of interactive fiction, both old and new.
  • Hand Wiki - An Encyclopedia of Science and Computing
  • LibreGameWiki - A gaming encyclopedia usually covering free and open-source libre games.
  • Hydrogen Audio - a wiki-styled resource designed to be a focal point for information related to all facets of audio technology


  • Odysee - An open-source and decentralized alternative to Youtube.


  • Gab - The #1 alternative social media site dedicated to true free speech and a replacement for Zuckbook and Twatta.
  • Gab TV - A video streaming platform with movies and videos from content creators, but it's very clunky though.
  • Dissenter - An amazing and innovative comment section until they killed it with Gab Trends, a Drudge Report rip-off. It's currently on life support...
  • Gab Pay - An alternative to Paypal and Jack Dorsey's Square. An online payment and transaction system.

  • Poast - A very based social media platform that's part of the fediverse.
  • Gleasonator - A social media site from Alex Gleason that's part of the fediverse.

  • Liberty Links - provides a landing page you configure with your links on it.

  • - A meme maker website.

  • Harambe's Toolkit - After Harambe died, he left his useful toolkit behind. It's a free collection of tools to help save you time. Quickly share current tab to,,, Dissenter, or Twitta; it's lightweight and non-intrusive.

  • Lotus Eaters - Carl Benjamin's new website, talks about history, politics, and current events in British fashion.
  • The Babylon Bee - A satirical news website that shows you the whole world is just a parody.
  • Some Bitch I know - Home of L, an indie journalist, because some bitch told us. 
  • Just Joe Radio - Politics, society, culture, current events, and life experiences conveyed by a socially awkward, not so subtly narcissistic, blue-collar, Gen-X Boomer
  • Timcast - Timcast IRL is producing podcasts on cultural and political issues as well as interviews with prominent figures on topical issues.


If you have a site you'd like to add to this list, the name of the site, the URL, and a one-sentence description, (and a small bribe) to the comment section. Sites will be posted at the sole discretion of the Web Monkey. No shirt, no shoes, no exception.


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