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Storyteller Online
  • About - To inform newbies and normies the purpose of this site
  • Site Map X (You are here, obviously)

Story Collections

  • Bob & Frank - Short stories about two dumbasses
  • Dave - Short stories about an average Dave
  • NSFW - A collection of the most racist, sexist, darkest jokes known to man

Norfolk Comics

  • Norfolk - A webcomic about mecha and kaiju, nuff said
  • Wallpapers - Pimp your PC and phone with these Norfolk wallpapers
  • Art Gallery - Look at the author's concept art gallery
  • Links - External links to weird and cool websites
  • Alt-Media & Tech - Links to the alternative underground of tech & media
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Other Crap

  • Privacy Policy - Our policy about our privates
  • Rules - Our version of the 15 10 commandments
  • Help - Storyteller for Dummies

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