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The mouse has officially killed the fox, Disney will remove the Fox name.

Fox-Disney: Now Get Ready for the Power Struggle | Hollywood Reporter
William Fox is spinning in his grave! 

The Walt Dinsey Company has announced that they will rename 20 Century Fox to 20th Century Studios including other Fox Assets like Fox Searchlight Pictures to just Searchlight Pictures. According to an insider spoken to Variety, the unofficial reason is that any attachment to Rupert Murdoch is "toxic." Most likely they want to distance themselves to Fox News, owned separately by Robert Murdoc's Fox Corporation. 

Ever since the acquisition of 20 Century Fox, Disney has been making a lot of changes and corporate business decisions recently to the Fox assets. 

One other thing that Disney has been putting Classic Fox movies in the Vault! Causing For-profit theaters to not re-release classic Fox movies on the big screen. 

I think it’s safe to say that Disney doesn’t need to get any bigger. Reminding me of the borg. 

We will add your cultural and artistic distinctiveness to our own.
Your studios will adapt to service us.

If there is any lesson to be learned here it is "DO NOT SELL YOUR FRANCHISE OR BUSINESS TO DISNEY!"

Disney is the most biggest entertainment media conglomerate in the world, almost acting like a monopoly. This is a good case for an anti-trust lawsuit because they're choking the life out of the movie industry. They're literally buying everything that they can and replacing it with their creatively bankrupt, identity politics garbage.

Disney to Buy 21st Century Fox Assets for $52.4 Billion in Historic Hollywood Merger – Variety

There's a very nice chart made by of everything that Disney owns and as you can see it's ... quite a lot of content they own. 


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