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Storyteller believes in freedom of speech because it's a God-giving right, so we do allow users to speak their minds without being censored for the following:

  • Slurs, Curse swords, or any Profanity of any kind.
  • Political Opinions, popular or unpopular.
  • Opinions in general, popular or unpopular.
  • Offensive Speech.
  • Civil Arguments
  • Ideas, thoughts, and expressions.
  • Artwork

Storyteller is under the legal jurisdiction of the United States of America (U.S.) and the Commonwealth of Virginia, both America's and Virginia's constitutions guarantee freedom of speech. 

U.S. Constitution: Amendment 1

Commonwealth of Virginia: Article 1 Section 12

Other legal jurisdictions (including hate speech laws/censorship) of the English-speaking world such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United Kingdom (including their states, provinces, and territories) DO NOT apply here.

Under Virginian and American Law and Court Rulings, the following is not considered legal speech and will be removed.

  • Obscenity, Pornography, or links to pornography of any kind.
  • Death threats and posts about any illegal substances or activities.
  • Doxing (revealing someone's personal information).
  • Libel (defaming someone).
  • Spamming (promoting links of unwanted ads or malicious schemes).
  • Copyright infringement.
Spamming is bad, so don't spam. Spam includes random advertisements and obviously being a robot. Our vendor may subject you to CAPTCHAs and verification.

Be civil, please.

Last updated: 2/8/22
First version: 2/8/22


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