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πŸ“– Celebrating 10 years of art and storytelling.

We're proud to announce the 10th anniversary of Storyteller Studios! The small studio was originally created in August 2011 in Norfolk, Virginia as BrentArts then changed to Storyteller in May 2016. The Commonwealth of Virginia is known to have underrated independent artists, writers and gamers and we believe creative freedom of expression is essential and necessary to making art and great stories. 10 years we've been making and releasing original stories with meaning and values. Also to compete against the major novel, game, and comic-book publishers. Our first title was a children's comic called "Midnight", then made a science-fiction comic called, "Bridgeway", a Mecha/Kaiju comic called "Norfolk"(Nor-Fik) and our first RPG game adaptation called "Norfolk RPG."

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