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๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ญ Professors Go to Switzerland

I had a problem with my quantum computer so I turned it off and on at the same time.

Three Professors travel in a train in Switzerland.

A professor of sociology, a professor of mathematics and a professor of philosophy travel to a congress by train into Switzerland.

Looking out of the windows, the professor of sociology sees a black sheep.

"How interesting" he exclaims. "it appears there are black sheep in Switzerland".

The professor of mathematics replies "Dear colleague, you should phrase your statements more precisely. From our observations, it seems to me we can only conclude that there is at least ONE black sheep in Switzerland".

Upon that, the professor of philosophy frowns and says "Dear colleagues, it seems you both tend to make inexact statements. from our observation, one could only conclude that there exists at least ONE sheep in Switzerland who is black on at least ONE SIDE".

"Well, I guess we will never get the chance to prove any of these claims" replies the professor of sociology.

At that moment, the train breaks down with technical issues, and stops.

After killing some time waiting, the professor of philosophy suggests, they all go and check out the sheep, so they do.

They hike up the small hill where the sheep grazes, and check it out and, surprisingly, it really turns out to be black only on one side, the other side is perfectly white.

While they are studying the sheep, the farmer comes up to them, and asks what it is that they are doing here.

The professor of philosophy greets him and says "That is quite an interesting sheep you have here". The farmer looks at them incredulously for a few seconds, shakes his head, and yells "You gotta be the stupidest motherfuckers I've met today. This is a goat you idiots!"

Image: ©ร† Firestone


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