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๐Ÿ†• Storyteller Announcement: 6/13/24

Mr. Firestone announces his new comic, site changes, and more!


ร† Firestone's new comic series  

I am excited to announce that I'm creating a new comic series. It will be a horror-themed story. I can't reveal much about the plot or the title yet, but I can say that it will be very original and mature, covering thematic and controversial themes. This will be my first comic since 2022.

It was originally going to be a novel, but I decided to turn it into a comic, because I (to be honest) struggle to explain details in words, so, I thought it would be best to put my story in comic book form.
Now, this comic won't be like other modern comic books from America and Europe, but more organic and natural. Just like my other comic, Norfolk, my horror comic will take place in my homeland of Virginia, so you'll expect to see cultural references from my home. Southerners *might* understand some of the references, but outsiders (especially Americans) will most likely not understand them, but that's okay because I won't sugar-coat it.

I wrote the story from November 2022 to June 2023. It was originally to be released this October in 2024, but due to switching from novel to comic book form, the care and patient work of drawing each page, it will be released next year in October 2025.

What about your Norfolk series? 

I'm done, I have moved on from finishing the series. I have learned alot when making those comics and will improve my talents with my new horror series. But, if enough people wish to for me finish the series, I'll think about it.

Are you still on Gab?

No, I have left Gab. That place, respectively, has become an echo chamber and got worse when the normies from Facebook and Twitter started taking over, it became a bloated/buggy/boring mess. I wanted to focus on my project, my website, and my life's responsibilities.

Also, I haven't touched my blog in awhile, and when my new comic is ready, I will show off my artwork and more.

Making some changes to Storyteller

Most of our team have left to seek out new careers, raising a family, and personal stuff. Now, it's just me and a few others running the site. So, as a consequence, starting in 2025, there will be an irregular schedule for posting new short stories. 

We will not be making new social media posts on Gab, Pinterest, and YouTube (the social media icons will be taken out below later this year). But can you still subscribe to us via RSS feed, that's not going anywhere. We will also make some changes to the UI this upcoming month. 

We'll be writing reviews more than stories later this year and next (on an irregular schedule). I want to show more of our unbiased reviews on movies, shows, and games to everyone.


Blu-ray Wiki

As a Blu-ray enthusiast, I'm making a Wiki about Blu-ray. I got alot of views for my Blu-ray article that I made this year. After alot of research, I suggest I start my own wiki since there's no wiki of any kind or wikis that have barely any important information for developers. I have never made a wiki before, and I'm excited to make one. So, the wiki is not ready yet as it needs a little adjusting and touch-ups on some articles, it will be released to the public late this year.



Next year will be quieter and different for Storyteller as we will slow down on scheduled stories and focus more on writing when inspiration strikes.  We hope you have a great rest of your day. - ร†


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