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🔧 Quick Fix: 2.7.4 - 6/28/22
A quick fix on our website. Version 2.7.4 Made a major overhaul of Norfolk's web page, completely redesigned to fit better suited for both desktop and mobile users. Making i…

🐦 Happy Virginia Day!
Sic Semper Tyrannis!

📋The Restaurant Order
...with exotic choices.

📖 The History of Storyteller and its Incarnations.
If you've been visiting our ridiculous website for the past 3 years, then you probably never knew Storyteller is not the only incarnation; over the years there were incar…

👧🏼 The Girl that Knows Everything
One day in the quiet town of Bristol while returning from private school, an 8-year-old child met a Saint and had a conversation with him. The Saint became so happy with th…

💱 The Manager
A Very Boring Job...

🧔🏻 Happy Father's Day
A company held a contest for kids with the theme: "The nicest thing My Father Ever Did For Me." One kid answered "He married my mother."

🔶Tutorial: How to play Blu-ray games and enable Java menus on PC
In this tutorial we will show you how to play Blu-ray games and enabling Blu-ray Java content on your personal computer.

✝️ The Preacher
Church feuds are not uncommon, especially among cliques in the congregation.

🌉 A Blonde, a Brunette, a Redhead (and a Magical Bridge)
Three girls, Three wishes.

🔧 Quick Fix: 2.7.3 - 6/8/22
A quick fix on our website. Version 2.7.3 Fixed some issues Made some adjustments Add a brand-new share button from AddToAny, with many sharing options including printing, copy …

🤐 The Censorship of Resident Evil 4's Oculus Version
The Censors are Coming!

🏃🏼Weight Loss Program
Run fat @$$, run!

🍀 This Month @Storyteller: 6/1/22 - Honoring Thy Father
This Month @Storyteller share you and respect to your father for Father's Day!

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