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πŸ”§ Quick Fix: 2.7.4 - 6/28/22


A quick fix on our website. Version 2.7.4

  • Made a major overhaul of Norfolk's web page, completely redesigned to fit better suited for both desktop and mobile users. Making it easier to read on a mobile device and be less confusing. The older version was dated and glitchy, and not mobile friendly. 

           Added a new side bar containing:

               Latest Chapters

               Multi-language editions

           Gab share button will soon be replaced with the multi-share button from AddToAny.

            Basic but user-friendly interface.

            Will soon add buttons in the future

            Will soon add Norfolk RPG to the website without requiring you to download a PDF.

           Fixed some audio issues.

        Non-annoyance ambient sound will make a return only for Norfolk's webpage using a compressed and low bandwidth OGG format. You may turn it off at any time by muting the tab on your web browser. (Sounds and Sound FX is not compatible with Apple's Safari browser).

  • Added Poast and Gleasonator to the share button to Storyteller's multi-share button.
  • Move the "Sidebar links" to the button of the page.
  • Added the Leaderboards on the sidebar, showing the most top visitors from all over the word and their medal ranking.
  • Removed some blobs and unhealthy bloat.
  • Updated the stats page.
  • Made adjustments to the sidebar.
  • Removed "The Storyteller Blog" from above featured post.
  • Adjusted and redesigned the "Quote of the Day" section of the sidebar, giving it a stylish and glossy 3D look to make it "pop" instead of being flat. Also changed the color a little. 


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