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Version History

History, according to Storyteller...

Here's the previous incarnations of and see how it's changed. We took screen shots of the home screen in it's original form just in case archive sites can't properly archive them.

 Version 1 "Blue Jay" 2019-2020

The first version of, with a very dark theme and lunar background that will make you sleepy.

Version 2 "Junco" 2020-present.

The second version of, with a more compact and smaller interface. It was originally wider but made it in a 4:3 ratio because of other browsers such as Firefox were having problems properly displaying the website. Junco has 2 sub-versions.

Version 2.5 "Dark-eyed Junco" January 1 - 31 2022

A modified version of Version 2 with a new dark blue theme and made a few additions.

Version 2.6 "Guadalupe Junco" January 31 - February 13 2022

Another modified version of Version 2 with a brand new look and improvements. This version sounded good on paper but it was considered a failure.

 Version 2.7.0 Volcano Junco February 13 - Present

The third and latest modified version of Version 2. Every month a new background changes.


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