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πŸ”§ Quick Fix: 3.0.1 - 9/18/23


It's hard to believe it's been over a year since our last Quick Fix; anyway, here's what we changed in Version 3.0.1.

  • Removed bloated and unnecessary code
  • Changed colors on the home tab
  • Updated the website and app icon
  • Updated the Twitter share button: The Twitter name and bird logo have been changed to "X" since is becoming under Elon Musk's ownership in 2023.
  • Removed the "Story" link on the home tab: We have discontinued the physical book section, and we will be going all digital moving forward.
  • Made a few adjustments to the layout
  • Backgrounds changed from PNG to pure CSS to conserve data with more compression
  • We'll be adding content on the sidebar in the future including "top visitors"
  • We'll be changing and cleaning up the "game", "alt-media", and "help" pages in the future
  • KoopaTV news feed will be removed: As KoopaTV has ended, we will remove its news feed and replace it in the future

We will be continuing to post stories and reviews in Storyteller, but we have some big plans in 2024. 

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