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Storyteller January 2020 Update: Norfolk # 4 release date and more!

Crisis on Mars!

The next issue of Norfolk will be released on 2/20/2020. 

"Crisis on Mars." In this issue as a prologue to the first issue, Agathon and Cinaethon go to Mars to destroy an illegal opium Black Market operated by China and the United Nations. Will they be able to save many lives back home in time to stop the opium operation? 

This issue will be 24 pages long featuring a new setting and new characters. 

Free Stuff, Because It’s Free

In the meantime, check out the previous issues of Norlfk #1-3 and our one-shot comic, Kidhoppers. It's free and no-DRM. No silly paper required!

I Should Have Called In Sick Today

There's no one-liner or quick-witted zinger that is going to be the Neosporin on the wounds absorbed by your behind, dear Internet. You may want to read this Update standing so as to not re-aggravate the still-tender wounds. In fact, I’m typing the whole thing standing because it still hurts to sit.

Rest in Peace Windows 7

As of January 14, 2020, Windows 7 has passed away, and he shall be remembered as one of Microsoft's best operating systems that were simple and easy to use for gaming, web browsing and other general purposes. If you're not sure what to do in this current situation check out the Windows 7 article here

New Youtube channels to discover

She's an Anime otaku, comic book writer, creator of Dannphan The Musical. She talks about current pop-culture topics.

Clownfish TV

Gaming, Arting and Geek Culture! CLOWNFISH TV is your Pop Culture Destination! Staring Kneon, Geeky Sparkles, Triskit Squidking, and PinkyBoo play games, make art, review toys and offer snarky commentary on movies, TV, and comics.

YellowFlash 2
He talks about anime, comics, and video games, and news that interests him. 

These are underrated channels with great content that I highly recommend.

What More Can I Say?

As much as people would like a bit more information on what happened this week with our announcement, there’s nothing additional to add what has already been said. Unless Epstein didn't kill himself. 


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