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Why "Modern Feminists" are cancer to Western Media?


Anita Sarkeesian, an Ontarian-Californian radical left-wing feminist and the founder of Feminist Frequency, a website that hosts videos and commentary analyzing portrayals of women in popular culture.

She has been advocating for "change" for women in western media such as the film and gaming industry. Claiming men are always sexist and she wants to tear down the traditional patriarchy.

She is nothing but a misogynist hypocrite and an attention seeker. It is best to avoid her or anything she's involved in. 

She and her SJW ideology believe that women should not be feminine but more masculine because femininity is a sign of weakness. Have you noticed for the past five years, women in western media has become more ugly and less attractive? That's because they want women to be strong like men.

The agenda is about masculinizing women and feminizing men. Showcasing a woman’s breasts showcases that women’s bodies are designed for motherhood not fighting and smashing things like men. They want women to be men, so motherhood and breasts are a no-no. Plus breasts please men and anything that pleases men is a no-no. According to their own logic, women shouldn't be attractive to men. 

Real women value Windom, Patience, Kindness, and Compassion. Liberal Western Media do not have any of those.

These "Feminist" reject women as women, saying if you want to be valued as a "strong woman", you better man up and start acting like a guy.  Eliminating what makes a woman a woman, this is Libreal's version of equality. Believing there are no biological differences between man and woman and we're all the same. 

Captain Marvel star, Brie Larson has become a controversial figure for her misogynist and sexist remarks against men, especially older men. She enjoys making these remarks, in her own movies, TV commercials, and her Twitter feed. Making herself one of the most overrated and hated individuals recently. 

Sorry, but there are only 2 genders.

What a horrible message to send to little girls in this world, they have to deny their own natural virtues to conform to the Hollywood or SJW Feminsit's shallow and unrealistic version of what a real woman should be. These SJW Fenismsts actually hate women and women's natural attractiveness and femininity but hate men more. 

On November 14, Anita Sarkeesian plays the victim after receiving pushback from women against a disingenuous complaint of ‘Boob Armor’ in The Mandalorian. 

While most fans agreed that the appearance of the fully-armored Mandalorian trio was a highlight of the episode, Sarkeesian took issue with how Bo-Katan and Koska’s armors were designed to allow room for their chests.*

“Lady Mandalorian’s have boob armor?” asked Sarkeesian. “Oh come on seriously.”**

Unsurprisingly, Sarkeesian’s take received massive amounts of pushback, with many fans noting that the armor wasn’t boob armor, but rather just armor made specifically for the female body, and asserting that the critic seemed to just be looking for an issue to be upset with.

“Looking at the three, seeing has how he has similar plating that’s flat to his chest is telling that this CHEST armor is just made to contour to their chests,” observed @Super_Shanko.  “more so than made for sexual intent as the women there have protruding chests vs the man there.”

In response to one user who sarcastically replied to Anita “Yes, it’s terribly sexist to cater to women’s needs in combat armor”, author and US Army Iraq War combat veteran Ryan Leigh Dostie noted how in real life, the “real problem” for female soldier’s gear is, in fact, how “the sappy plates are flat and smash against our breasts and flatten them and it’s so uncomfortable.”

So, who's the real sexist?

Sarkinseeisan is the same feminist who "advised"  (((Neil Drunkman))) on his most disastrous The Last of Us Part 2 PS4 Game. Containing misogynistic, grotesque, and sadistic virtue-signaling including anti-Christian, anti-men, and Pro-LGPTQ propaganda.

You can clearly see that she and other "feminists" hate men and also women with natural traits. 

Anita's Tweeter comment feed is hilarious. She was DESTROYED by female armorers, female reenactment members, female military/Police, and female cosplayers, who ALL pointed out the importance of female-specific armor.

"We need more women in movies and tv series. But they can't look or act like women, that would be sexist."

This just proves that Sarkeesian's "career" is out of gas.

In conclusion, normal people in the West will not tolerate this grotesque sexist ideology as a norm in Western media. 

Have faith in the free market. People aren't going to keep investing in these trending flops.

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups!"

 -George Carlin

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