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Brief tips on playing Norfolk RPG


Here's some brief tips on playing Norfolk: The Tabletop Role Playing Game.

Stay Positive

Remember, it's just a game. Have fun with your friends and family.

Brian hurts? Use a calculator.

Math can be fun, but also complex, so it's recommended to use a calculator when playing the game.

Be organized

It's recommended to be organized while playing Norolfk RPG and RPG's in general as they are more complex than normal analog games. Keep your tools such as calculators, pencils, dice, characters stat sheets, initiative cards, maps and chips. Well organized and don't make a confusing mess.

Pre-plan before you play

The game master and other masters should pre-plan the setup before they start the game, so they won't ruin the experience.

Be fair

This is a game of logic, and the GM should stay logical and fair as the game master. Remember, a Game Master is like a referee. 

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