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Opinion: Fena: Pirate Princess' story gets better.


I think the first two episodes turned everyone off because of it's slow start, some claiming "The story is all over the place with no rhyme or reason. Nothing is explained, it just happens." 

It occurs often that when a story starts, it's beginning is long and boring, but you'll have intros (prologue and pilot) from The Dark Knight, Lost and Stargate SG1 with a great start to make you pull in and be interested in a longer story. I believe that the first two episodes of Fenna should've been a 2-part stand alone with a more interesting reasonable plot and at the end, hungry for more. Straight to the point on who, where, why and go, without a rush.

After Episode 5 things get interesting and Episode 7 & 8 are even more engaging. This is what this feels like, it's interesting and makes you pull in. This didn't feel the same with the first two episodes, but I was curious enough and gave the show a chance and a bit my tongue with its rough start.

Surprisingly, the Adult Swim ratings are lower despite the episodes being better. It is a niche show after all and no one watches cable anymore and prefer streaming (Crunchyroll.)

Date        18-49 Viewers    Viewers (mil.)

9/4/21             0.20 0.38

9/18/21           0.14          0.30

9/26/21            N/A              N/A

I do criticized for the main protagonist for just being a walking MacGuffin. She's believable and  not boring character.

Still, contra the anime title, there's still not much piracy and not much princess-ing going on, unless you count being a total damsel in distress...

 Its kind of frustrating when the animators have done such high level work here to see that other people on this project have dropped the ball. If the people writing this paid as much attention to the details as the animators are this could have been elevated into something really special. Instead its just something that looks really nice with a story that I would say is 'serviceable.' 

Without spoilers, Episode 7 & 8 have few twists and turns, making ask more questions that want to keep you engage and I'm looking forward to see more interesting episodes.