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๐ŸŽฎ Check out Electric Dinosaur and Cyberek's "Gun on the Chickahominy"

More indie games are on the rise!

Published by Electric Dinosaur and Developed by Cyberek, Gun on the Chickahominy (GotC) is a casual pixel target game set during the American War Between the States. Players take command of a small cannon crew situated on the banks of the Chickahominy River and attempt to stem the Federal invasion of Virginia. The game offers colorful retro graphics, casual yet compelling gameplay, and reimagined period music.

You alone can protect the capital against the Federals as they attempt to cross the Chickahominy River!

There are 6 Levels Of Cannon-blasting Fun as you navigate the world map to enter new levels!

Get 'em damn Yankees!

Super Wario Bros. 

During gameplay there are 7 enemy types, bosses and hidden secrets in the game.

The game uses the Clickteam Fusion 2.5 game engine. The developer said it was "really fun". 

This is not a review, but Electric Dinosaur is looking for game reviewers. (I do not have a Steam account, only GOG) But if you're a video game reviewer and would like to receive a free Steam Key to Gun on the Chickahominy, you can contact them over at Gab @ElectricDinosaur  or Twitter @ElectrcDino12 and they will send you one as soon as we can! 

This game looks enjoyable to play! It's very small and can easily run on computers or computers without much free space. Currently the game is only for Windows, but it will most likely be compatible with Linux via PlayOnLinux or Steam Proton. It would be cool if the game was ported to Blu-ray Java, so it can be played on PlayStation, Xbox or a normal BD player. 

Electric Dinosaur announced there are future updates and expansions planned.

Check out the game at Steam (Windows Only)

Also check out Electric Dinosaur's blog for more info and updates about the game and other projects.


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