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Blu-ray Java, the pontietial future of a decetralized 2D gaming platform.

This article is outdated, read the updated one here.

Not directly talking about the actual Blu-ray "disc", we're going to be talking about Blu-ray Java!

Blu-ray Java (often referred to as JavaME BD-J) is a Java-based software platform built-in in ALL Blu-ray Players including PS3, PS4 PS5, Xbox One, and the next Xbox system.  All Blu-ray players run BD-J as part of the Blu-ray specification, which in turn means that PS3, PS4, PS5, and XB1 all run Java games simply because they all feature a Blu-ray player, using a Java ME technology that makes it possible to run the same disc on all 3 consoles - without doing any hacking or modding whatsoever. 

Remember the advanced interactive menus on your Blu-ray movies? That's running BD-J software! Watch the video from misthalu, a Java game from Disney's Ratotoue Blu-ray called "Gusteau's Gourmet Game".

I asked BD-J expert and homebrew developer under the name, misthalu, owner of LuBlu Entertainment why Disney has discontinued making BD-J games and his response. 

"Probably a mix of many things. Lack of popularity due to making wrong game genres. An arcade game like "Bolt's Be-Awesome Mission" wasn't really suitable for a remote control, and they didn't think ahead to make it 100% playable with a gamepad. Not sure we're seen the last of it though. It is suitable for smaller games that are too small for a native console release. Gotta focus on game genres that make sense for the platform. Like "Liar's Game". Any game that doesn't require fast responsive controls.
Or make it controllable with a cellphone. That's also an option."

"Liar's game" is from Disney's 2007 Blu-ray release of Pirates of the Carribean: At word's end and  "Bolt's Be-Awesome Mission" is from Disney's 2008 Blu-ray release of Bolt. There are other small Java games released by Hollywood including 20th Century Fox's ID4 and Live Free or Die Hard.

I also asked him, I'm aware that BD-J isn't compatible with 3D, but is it compatible with "Binary space partitioning" or "Ray Casting", it was used on Doom to fake 3D. Doom was also ported on the SNES and GBA but wasn't really 3d.

He answered. 
"There are no 3D API's available. No SDL or alike either. You only have AWT available. In other words, any 3D you want to make has to be done in software. That doesn't mean it's impossible. It just means it'll be much slower - and the platform is already slow as it is.
The "Funky Fresh" BD-J demo demonstrates a few such software renderings, but the YouTube video is a recording of PowerDVD playing it - not an actual PS3. Expect speed to be slower on a PS3.
Blu-ray isn't for 3D stuff. It is for simple 2D games.

(Although, there's a different kind of 3D that some Blu-ray players support; the kind you see in 3D movies. And there's actually an API for coding games with that. But it obviously won't work on PlayStation, so...)"

He showed me a link to an experimental BD-J demo, it was quite impressive of what you can do to the platform. Indeed I can imagine it being slow I guess depending on the device and CPU power. Pre-rendered 3D is always optional. 

                                  Yeah, that's real-time 3D!

In contrast to big expensive mainstream full-blown 3D games released by the big game-companies, Blu-ray games will always be much smaller cozy 2D games developed by a single individual, or a small group of enthusiastic hobbyists. 

If you're a developer and are interesting in developing games for the platform. Here are some useful links. The Java language is one of the easiest programming languages out there so you're in luck!

Video game systems for Inspiration, SNES, PC-FX, and Amiga CD 32. There are games that has pushed the limit on thses consoles. I wouldn't be surprised if some mad-lad ports Doom on BD-J!

misthalu has made 2 games so far and he's planning on making another one, he hopes that other people will be interested in the platform.

I believe BD-J has potential and can be awesome for certain 2D game genres - especially considering that it'll run on  PS3, PS4 PS5, Xbox One, and the next Xbox system. That's a whole 5 game consoles from the very same disc. Decentralized and cross-platform .What's not to like about that? 😁 💿 BD-J is a software platform that's built-in in all BD players and game systems.


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