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December Update - Celebrate the Holidays with our great titles!

Enjoy our comic books this Christmas! Starting with our children's comic, Midnight Volume One is available on Amazon! Science Fiction drama, Bridgeway Volume One available at Lulu.com, Giant robots and monsters, Norfolk is available for free! and kids comic, Kidhoppers is also available now for free

Midnight is about a dog named Midnight and his crazy life! Based on the online comic strips by Brent. Now on book format for the first time. Read the new short stories of Midnight The Dog and his friends with wacky situations, craziness and moral lessons in this fun-filled collection.

Bridgeway (Ssssrigdeway) πŸ˜œ is about an ex-pilot that's offered a second chance to turn his life around by taking a dangerous adventure in space to stop alien space communists! 

Norfolk, a Mecha named The Legionaiare must save the city of Norfolk, Virginia from giant monsters called "Fathoms" from destroying the city and civilization itself! Will the heroic Legionnaire be able to stop them? 

Kidhoppers, a group of troublemaking kids doing wacky stuff. (One-Shot Comic)

Each comic has a unique story to tell! 

Norfolk Issue #3 will be released this December, and more free issues by 2020! 

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