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Try Ukko's Journey for Blu-ray Java. Plays on PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Blu-ray players.

Ukko's Journey is an 2D platform arcade game for Blu-ray Java (BDJ) created by MistaLu from a small Danish company, LuBlu Entertainment. It was originally a JavaME cellphone game released in 2009. MistaLu is a very talented indie developer who likes Java games and believes BDJ is a great potential gaming platform, he prefers to call the platform "Blu-Play". MistaLu doesn't use game-engines and said he likes making games from scratch all by himself using the Java language.


When The Underground Ball Factories (TUBF) placed one of their ball factories in the deep cave where Ukko had lived happily for the past 2000 years, Ukko was forced to escape the cave by jumping up through the mechanical parts of the factory. Having done so, Ukko now stands outside the cave scouting for a better place to settle down. He looks to the right and sees a big city partially hidden in its own pollution. It doesn't look inviting. But to the left there are green fields as far as he can see. Clearly that is the way he must go. Ukko jumps onto a bicopter parked by the cave-entrance, and pedals up in the air! Now begins Ukko's Journey for a new and better place to settle down and live for the next many years. Ukko's Journey is the 3rd game in a trilogy about Ukko, Sort'em and Ukko's Escape.



Gameplay is simple and you can use your remote or a gamepad. On your journey you must collect apples from the ground below with your net, by hovering low over the ground. Eat apples to gain energy, or throw them after birds and other obstacles, to avoid flying into them and lose energy. But remember you also need energy to pedal the bicopter, so don't throw away all your apples! Don't collect too many apples either, or else you will weigh too much to fly.

Press the pedal key repeatedly to fly, or hold down the pedal key to autopedal.

(Auto-pedal = 5 pedals/s)

Features and extras.

Performance: The game plays with up to 170 fps (on PS3)

Audio: Plays ingame music + sound-effects

Persistent storage: Remembers your settings between disc ejects

Controls: 11 buttons on the gamepad useable

Internet: Uploads/downloads highscores to/from

Network: Sends the cellphone version of the game from the disc to your Wi-Fi connected JavaME enabled phone via your local network


If you wish to use the online highscore-system in the game, make sure your console's Blu-ray settings allows for discs to go online.

On the PS3 this setting is in Video Settings - "BD - Internet connection"

On the XB1 it's in Blu-ray settings - "Enable BD Live to improve Blu-ray playback"

Before starting a game, you may also want to redefine controls in the game settings, and enter your nickname for the highscores.


The game is free and can EASILY run on most Blu-ray players, but most importantly PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. 

To play this game for free, click here, burn the ISO file to a 25GB Blu-ray Disc, then insert the disc to your favorite machine and play. That's all. No hacking or anything.

Alternative link with disc cover to print (PNG).

MistaLu does appreciate if you officially buy a physical copy of the game.

Will MistaLu port the other 2 games from the Ukko Trilogy to BDJ? 

Unlikely, as he is very busy and this project was a hobby. 

This is a small and cute game that everyone of all ages can enjoy on their favorite systems and this is an great example on how potential the BDJ platform can be for decentralized and homebrew gaming. 


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