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Bridgeway's 2nd Anniversary


Tomorrow will the the 2nd Anniversary of A.E. Firestone's graphic novel, Bridgeway. 

The science fiction epic is 25% off, making it a perfect Christmas gift to a friend or family member.

Description: Somewhere in a star cluster in an unknown time, whether it's the past, present or future comes a tale about a young man named, Ivan Gallagher, an ex-pilot with PTSD who self-exiled himself into isolation after a training accident that left his co-pilot dead. One night he is offered a second chance to turn his life around when he discovers the call to adventure that makes him leave his ordinary world into an unknown one that's completely xeno to him. He stumbles upon an unorthodox journey to find these mysterious "sacred amulets" that were made by an ancient civilization. An alien dystopian empire called "The Consortium" wants the amulets for themselves, to rule all of the Cluster under a horrific nightmarish dystopian rule! Ivan must find them first before they do! A series in a mix with adventure, romance, humor, and Interstellar Warfare. No SJW/woke crap.

A word from the author:

Bridgeway was a science fiction epic that failed to seek an audience even with the marketing done right. People just don't read comics anymore, especially with the bad reputation from mainstream comics from the West. It took me two years to make it, and I kind-of felt miserable when it failed with low sales, but I didn't care and I'm proud to put my life and soul to the writing and artwork of this story.I loved science fiction and I wanted to make something that was outside of the box from typical sci-fi tropes.

After the overwhelming low sales and failed marketing, I decided it was best to cancel the series even with the pre-planned script and world building for future volumes. That day I realized, comics and books in general are a really hard market to get readers. There's this one dude, that spent 4 years created a full color 24 page comic-book (forgot the name) and it field and he felt miserable.

Maybe one day I'll release the pre-planed scripts and rough sketch panels like a published movie script that hasn't been filmed.

On the bright side, I loved the unique world and the characters that I carefully crafted and maybe it will get adapted into another medium like a video game or something. Who knows?


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