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Op-ed: Who’s Really Behind the Rioters?

 An Op-ed article written by Jane Doe

War is brewing between good and evil in America. The anti-American and anti-Israel organizations, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, are controlled and funded by self-described global “elites” using the Democrat Party in America and other far-left European groups as the middlemen. “Defund the Police” is intended to replace local law and order with “enforcers of peace” paramilitary groups. Rioting has become financially rewarding.

    Globalists believe they will control the world to enslave ordinary people by using a variety of factions. Antifa and Black Lives Matter portray themselves as righteous when tearing down statues to illustrate symbolic taking down of power bases within our country. Antifa has now been designated a domestic terrorist group by the US government.

    Among the loudest, most vocal people are LGBTQ activists. BLM co-founder and occultist Patrisse Cullors claims her demonic “spirituality” is basic to BLM. Cullors sports “Black Magic” shirts, claims her guidance from “spirits of the dead” and her June 15 2020 “Prayer for the Runner” portrays a lengthy demonic curse against the Lost Angeles Police Department. ( captured online Friday October 2 2020)

    “Let no one be found among you who . . . engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord . . . .” Deuteronomy 18:10-12. 

    Cullors’ intends to disrupt the Biblical “western prescribed nuclear family structure.” A morally pure, economically-free, monogamous, married populace with children focuses on their families, but Cullors plans to replace heterosexuality with black female transgenderism and replace parents with community “villages” to collectively care for children. ( accessed June 5 2020 and captured before a website purge in late September 2020)

    “Elitists” pay “peaceful protesters” between $15 – $75 per hour (plus medical and legal benefits) to create chaos. Their pattern being used in the USA follows Russia, China and Venezuela in clear steps to erase history by defaming the country’s heroes and toppling statues. Using eminent domain and environmental regulations, transfer of private property into government control has already occurred. The next steps would involve violating the human rights of each nation and finally killing detractors. Globalists do not care about Antifa’s or Black Lives Matter’s Marxist goals, because their dreams are far grander than communism, fascism, Marxism or socialism. Excited about domestic far-left groups displacing Western Biblical values, globalists plan to juggle strategies to maintain a slow, seething simmer of violence up through the 2020 elections. They continue to be infuriated over America’s 2016 presidential election; the Clinton presidency was intended to usher in a new form of “progressive” globalism. Global control is their goal, and mere anarchists will be discarded once their usefulness expires. 

    Globalists’ hatred of Christians and Jews is rooted in the perception that, by advantage of wealth, they are intellectually superior to the “masses.” The evangelical Church has been warning Americans for decades about American homosexual millionaire Tim Gill and hedge fund owner George Sorosatheist types who often view Biblical virtues as criticisms of themselves, and they mock and ridicule Christians. These globalists know that Christianity protects against government tyranny because it restrains the individual’s capacity to resort to violence, and cultivates internal moral virtues strong enough to resist the state’s coercive power. Biblical virtues protect American culture from man’s personal will by developing purity in body, kindness in heart, and self-control / self-restraint in public interactions. Christians do not loot, murder, riot, or vandalize people or property; these are carried out predominantly by godless, soulless youth, motivated by condescending celebrities and disdainful, “well-educated” college professors. 

    Corporations recently jumped on the anarchists’ bandwagon to protect their interests from rioters, hoping the left will leave them alone – with the added benefit of eliminating small business competition. Adidas pledged $20 million to implement racial hiring quotas, which are illegal. Amazon pledged $10 million for Black Lives Matter; Airbnb pledged $500,000; Intel pledged $1 million; Microsoft pledged $250,000; Nabisco pledged $500,000; Nike pledged $40 million over four years to black communities; Pepsi Co’s Gatorade pledged $500,000; Procter & Gamble pledged $5 million to the “Take on Race Fund”; popular Communist China owned TikTok pledged $4 million to “fight racial injustice” in the United States; Twitter gave $3 million to Colin Kaepernick’s group that defended violent riots; and Walmart gave $100 million. The list is now endless, as Black Lives Matter uses violence to extort millions of dollars from these companies. Will this “protection money” buy these corporations the goodwill they so desperately seek?

    So, who are these self-described global “elitists” who control not only corporations and violent anarchists but also “well-educated” women? The answer lies in any country where concentration of power and oppression exists. Though the Democrat Party is low-hanging fruit on the tall tree of globalist schemes, as far back as 2010, over 180 Democrat Congressmen were members of the Communist Party. The current Davos (Switzerland) group at the World Economic Forum (scheduled to meet in January 2021) may also support the Chinese Communist Party and Iranian mullahs. As global power emerges, tensions between international leaders will eventually give way to consolidation of power until an ultimate leader arises. 

    Weather Underground Communist revolutionary leader Bill Ayers, Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates (worth $97.8 billion), and George Soros are currently the most well-known of many “elitists” who emerged from the shadows over the past few decades. Soros is the face of anarchy in America. He considers himself a god, describing himself in his own words as “ . . . a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.” Obviously, global control evolves well beyond Marxism and narcissism.

    Soros’ personal wealth is an estimated $8 billion, while his far-left 38-billion-dollar Soros Foundation funds hundreds of subversive organizations. These Soros-funded organizations create nonexistent social problems that are presented to the nation’s populace with “answers” to human rights issues such as civil rights (Critical Race Theory), environmental protections (Green New Deal), mandatory vaccinations (Coronavirus) and reproductive rights (abortion); yet, in reality, these reeducation organizations are structured with new definitions of common-place words (“gender identity” instead of sex and “reproductive rights” instead of abortion) to redirect and restructure the public’s thought process. Soros simultaneously works to infiltrate the nations’ institutions through propaganda blitz groups in academia, education, entertainment, government, media, military, religious organizations and social media that create chaos and mayhem. It is believed Soros orchestrated the Ferguson and Seattle riots. The Coronavirus pandemic surfaced within three months after Soros’ prediction that America would experience a huge “revolutionary situation” before the 2020 elections.

    While Bill Gates promotes mandatory vaccine chips, Soros creates and controls revolutions to topple governments. Soros was successful in toppling Chile’s president within one year of a 1987 interview predicting the same. He earned a billion dollars when he crashed the British pound in 1993. He made $790 million on the Thai baht in a coup d’état in the Asian crisis in 1997. He earned $1.5 billion on the Japanese yen in 2012. Included are the Ukrainian millions that the Soros Foundation, in conjunction with American Democrat “elites,” has stolen from Ukrainian taxpayers over the past decade. 

    Democrat governors and mayors repeatedly refuse the President’s offers of federal assistance only to surrender to rioters’ violent demands. Democratic district attorneys in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Virginia sold their souls to the tune of $17 million from Soros-funded political action committees. Now that Soros is calling in favors, these officials know their lives and the lives of their families are in danger if they thwart the will of Soros. These district attorneys are commanded to freeze, dishearten and dispirit innocent victims by arresting anyone who dares to fight back in self-defense. Mark and Patricia McCloskey, Aaron Jay Danielson, and Kyle Rittenhouse are examples of people who used non-vigilante self-defense against rioters who had criminal records (pedophile sex offenders, domestic abuse, and firearms violations). The McCloskey’s lives were threatened by rioters. Danielson was literally assassinated for supporting President Trump. Rittenhouse offered medical aid to rioters who responded by hunting him down and attacking him with molotov cocktails, a skateboard and gunshots. Globalists use anarchy to force populations to shed blood; so more patriotic blood will have to be shed in the freedom fight to defeat anarchists and by extension, globalists. 

    Today, many youth believe they are participating in “righteous cause” protests, but rioters are demanding vigilante “justice” outside of American law and order. Attorney General William Barr reported a “witches’ brew’ . . . of extremist [rioters] in addition to Antifa” and Black Lives Matter. Americans are accustomed to peaceful transitions of power but Democrat operatives are preparing voters to expect escalation of riots if President Trump is re-elected. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg warns that voters should expect “ . . . a high likelihood that it take days or weeks to count . . . [presidential votes].” If you want to ensure that your voice is heard, then vote in person and early at your local Board of Elections Registrar’s Office. If you want to stop the rioting, then vote a straight Republican ticket because they recognize dangerous threats to America and want to restore peace, law and order. 

    Globalists believe they can pull off that final battle (Armageddon), and Soros or his ilk may actually rule the world . . . for a time. Evangelicals wonder: are current nations and rulers orchestrating end-times prophecies described in Chapters 6-19 of the Book of Revelation? Probably not, because the rotting stench of sin in the world has not yet ripened . . . but nobody really knows. Although Soros could symbolically be a type of the antichrist, he is not likely the actual one. 

    We do not believe that America has entered into the Biblical period of tribulation because the Church has not yet been raptured. When walking the earth, even Jesus did not know when the Father’s end-times judgment would take place; since His ascension, He has still not revealed the dates for the seven-year tribulation. We believe that the planet, and therefore America, are represented in the Church Age in Revelation Chapters 1-3 describing the condition of the modern-day Church.

    We know Jesus instructs us to watch to observe the signs of the times, to understand the people and issues of our era. Knowledge in every area throughout the globe is converging faster, hurtling through time, doubling and tripling knowledge every few hours in academia, education, entertainment, government, science and technology. Moreover, nations have been strategically aligning themselves against Israel for decades like pieces on a chessboard. When the tribulation finally does begin, for the first 3½ years, whichever globalist (antichrist) is ruling at the time will believe he has control over all nations due to international deals he brokers on false peace with Israel. China and Russia align themselves as allies but will lose control during the last 3½ years when God unseals the scroll and starts pouring out judgment.

    How does this happen? How did America become a nation in turmoil and how did Americans fall for Soros’ propaganda? What is the pattern and how did America’s youth (and some elderly) morph so rapidly from peaceful law-abiding citizens into bloodthirsty adrenalin-charged rioters? The Bible is a good source that outlines individual and cultural patterns leading to the downfall of nations and explains the evolution of a terrorist. We’ll explore those patterns separately in our next article while we still enjoy freedom of speech . . . .



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