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Æ Firestone's Crimea: Chapter 3

                        Patio Ivan Shishkin Original Title: Дворик Date: 1878 Style: Realism Genre: sketch and study


Few hours passed.

Niko, still in pain, was tolerant to move

out of his bed and room.

He went and walked through to the wooden hall,

670 looking down and seen two men hear them all.

The local Abkhazian doctor, dressed in white

and Postal Carrier dressed in black;

speaking the Russian tongue to each other.

"We'll be sending the medical supplies to Zugdidi

675 and the Chesma, starting tonight."

The doctor replied.

"Good, expect more tomorrow, same time.

I pray this war ends soon."

"Me too; have a good night, doctor."

680 "You too, Goodnight."

The Postal Carrier left the door, and

the doctor went to his office,

giving Niko the window of opportunity,

as he quickly sneaks to the front door prohibitively.

685 It was dark; Niko saw the Postman riding

a wagon with the medical supplies.

He tried to avoid the people in the streets,

then he took a shortcut in the dark ally of the village

and finally ran to the end of it as fast as possible

690 to another street to catch up ahead of time with the Postman.

He sees him entering a cargo building,

Niko proceeds as he enters quietly inside, hiding in plain sight.

The boy saw the Postman with another man checking cargo.

"These are the medical supplies?" said the Postman.

695 "Yes sir, these are the two. Both are ready to be shipped."

"Good, come with me to my office and we'll sign these papers quickly."

Both men went inside the office. This was Niko's chance to proceed.

The boy approached the cargo, there's was so many wooden boxes

bundled together with "MEDICINES" written in Russian.

700 He can speak the language, but cannot read the Cyrillic Alphabet.


пункт назначения: Чесма


Assuming the cargo's destination was Mingrelia,

he didn't hesitate to open one of the wooden boxes,

inside was white folded blankets.

He took some out so he can fit inside,

705 when he got in, he took the blankets,

put them on top of his head, and closed the box inside.

Exhausted, he slept inside for the rest of the night.

To be Continued...

©2021 Æ Firestone

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