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Today's Western Comics are crap! - TRUE Indie Creators to support. πŸ“– 🐸

DC and Marvel comics were the best back in the silver and golden age of comics. It was all about the story, amazing art, cool action, and loveable characters, but today in the 21st century it's all about politics and virtue signaling. Even Dark Horse, IDW and Image Comics are going woke! A lot of comic book fans are really fed up with this nonsense. 

There's been a rise of independent alternative comics recently and we wanted to show you those to take a look at. Help us take a stand against the Liberal / SJW comics and make comics great again! 

Bridgeway by A. E. Firestone
A former starfighter pilot with PTSD is offered a second chance to turn his life around while fighting against an alien communist empire! The good guys fight for freedom of speech and fight against socialist aliens. Bridgeway was also banned on Comixlogy for "not following the narrative." 

JAWBREAKERS- LOST SOULS by Richard Myer (Ya boi Zack)
Youtube Channel
A team of ex-superheroes attempts to save a "monster" from a vicious warlord who wants to exploit it!
Another installment of the series called "JAWBREAKERS: GØD-K1NG" Go check it out. 

Captain Kekistan by A-thonX
Do I need to explain?🐸

A P.I.G. Detective investigates mysteries, check it out!🐷
Private Investigation Guaranteed!

Steve the Dragon by... Steve the Dragon.πŸ²πŸ‰
Not necessarily into comics but his artwork is amazing and he's got a good talent! He's also a fan of dragons and a cool guy, check him out! 

A new graphic novel by longtime TRANSFORMERS and GI JOE artist, Brian Shearer!

Mr. Pumpkinface
From the website: Mr. PumpkinFace is a being sent from the underworld to learn the ways of mankind. So I guess he’s kind of a monster. The comic largely focuses on his observations of the world as a newcomer. He has some innocence about him, but also doesn’t seem to care much about offending people with his observations. You could call the comic “political” but it only occasionally treats directly political topics.


It is a comic about thoughts that you are not allowed to think. A humorist, like Dave Chappelle or South Park, who wishes to entertain through jokes. 
Dragon furs are the worst.


He makes good videos games and animations, believes in freedom in speech. (Play his game, Gabber Dabbers.) 
"Creative endeavors. Burn with a Passion." 

There's probably more creators under the radar that hasn't been seen yet.