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Me at 18, being typical cynical. Fresh-out of high-school kid believed in the "I've given up in humanity" bullcrap working at a summer job at an amusement park, operating rides.

Drop Netflix and other "overrated" streaming services. - Good alternatives to try!

Netflix, Disney & The Future of Streaming Services – Keenen Charles – Medium

Netflix started the "streaming boom" back when it was actually good. The service used to be where you get to watch all of your favorite movies and shows all in one place without a high cable bill. Then Netflix made an innovation by creating original movies and shows exclusively, then other Californian/Silicon valley tech has started to compete by making their own service. Netflix's service quality has been dropping down and some of its revenue because they've been adding political non-sense, anti-western content, agenda-pushing, and other degenerate material.  Many have rumored Netflix could be the next Blockbuster! 

So, ignore all of these "overrated" Babylonian streaming services **cough cough**( monopoly ) in the picture above (including Anime English services, Crunchyroll and Funimation, their services are going woke, unfortunately) and we'll show you the great alternatives. P.S. Ignore Disney+, HBO and Peacock.
Pure Flix, the Netflix of faith-based entertainment, partners with Universal Pictures - AZ Tech ...
Better than Shitflix, Defiantly Pure!
Recommended for Christian Conservatives, this service offers Christian and Inspirational movies for all ages like Gods Not Dead and I'm Not ashamed (Trailer banned on YouTube).
An Excerpt from the website: "Hollywood has played a major role in shaping our current culture by controlling most of the media we experience today.  We challenge you to stand up for Christ and share these heartfelt movies with your families, friends, communities, and church to impact our world for Christ." 

Pureflix is taking a stand against Hollywood monopoly, their movies controversially may not be perfect in quality but it's worth a try. (Not sure if they have exclusives)

Hallmark Movies Now logo.svg

Recommended for Conservatives. or Moderates of all ages that EXCUALY wants to enjoy peaceful movies. This on-demand service offers family-friendly movies, documentaries and short films of the Hallmark Library mostly made by Americans and Canadians. (Yes, they have your cheesy Christmas movies) It also has exclusives movies and shows like "When Hope Calls".  The service is owned by Hallmark Cards the largest greeting card manufacturer in the United States.



Recommended for Conservatives. with families, the service offers Family and Faith-Friendly Entertainment for all ages similar to Hallmark. The service contains movies and shows like Heartland and Christmas Movies. They also have documentaries and shows?  Anyway, if you don't like Hallmark but want something similarly Up is a good choice! 
UPtv (College Park, GA) is owned by InterMedia Partners. (YankeeVille)


Do I really need to explain? 
Recommended for the HARDCORE and the Edgy (not recommended for children, except for Soph). It's an opinion streaming service that supports free speech, there are not many talk shows on it but it has famous individuals like Gavin McInnes and Milo. The service is controversial for its .....well you know.😏
 The only BEST part is Soph. πŸ’œ


These are all the alternatives we can find, If you have any other alternatives please share on the comments on Dissenter or this site below.

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