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The Rise and Fall of Dissenter - One of the greatest tech innovations of free speech.

                                                                          Dissenter 2019 - 2019. You were a good one!

Not to be confused with Gab's Dissenter Web browser, In February 2019 Gab Inc. created a free speech comment section web browser extension called "Dissenter". In response to moderators removing comments from people in an unfair and partisan way such as Youtube.

It was very innovative and revolutionary letting you comment on ANYWHERE on ANY website across the web. You can comment on CNN.com or Wikipedia without unfair moderation or banning. (And you can comment on this very website). πŸ˜‰ 

It was like a secret backdoor of the world wide web, you can comment and criticize any page, site or web video that doesn't offer a comment section or has removed one.

Web browsers such as Chrome Store and Firefox has remove the extension for "violating their rules", so they say. 

Dissenter's top features were people-powered trends and headlines on Dissenter.com. When multiple people comment on a single page and then it triggers it into the Headlines for everyone to see what people have been recently talking about.

When the U.S. based news aggregation website, Drudge Report made Anti-Trump articles on its website. It pissed Torba off and responded by making a competing website called Gab Trends, claiming "it was powered by the people", but it actually shows select news outlets from all sides of the political spectrum randomly and relevant. (In my opinion, I believe some articles are selected by Gab themselves but that's just me. ) I actually like Gab Trends showing everything from all sides of the spectrum, comment and discuss the articles. 

Everyone was fine and happy with it until one day Andrew Tobrba announced that Dissenter and Gab Trends will merge. That was a HUGE mistake. Replacing Dissenter.com as a "home" for the Dissenter web browser. There was serious backlash and Gab has done nothing about it as of 3/11/2020. 

Dissenter was a great technological innovation for the world wide web and it was amazing! I would have given it a 9.5 out of 10. 

Torba and Gab really need fix this, what they did to Dissenter was stupid. 

I have made a 7-day poll. Asking: 

Does anyone still use the Dissenter Comment Extension since Torba killed it with Gab Trends? 


78%Not really


Don't believe me, read the comments yourself

Maybe one day it will come back or someone will make their own. Gab hasn't even released the source code! 


Dissenter     9.5 out of 10
Gab Trends   7 out of 10

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