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Bridgeway VOL. 1 Paperback is now 30% OFF!

While people are waiting for Norfolk #5 check out A.E. Firestone's Sci-Fi Epic, Bridgeway Volume One is now 30% OFF trade paperback on!

About Bridgeway:
Somewhere in a star cluster in an unknown time, whether it's the past, present or future comes a tale about a young man named, Ivan Gallagher, an ex-pilot with PTSD who self-exiled himself into isolation after a training accident that left his co-pilot dead. One night he is offered a second chance to turn his life around when he discovers the call to adventure that makes him leave his ordinary world into an unknown one that's completely xeno to him. He stumbles upon an unorthodox journey to find these mysterious "sacred amulets" that were made by an ancient civilization. An alien dystopian empire called "The Consortium" wants the amulets for themselves, to rule all of the Cluster under a horrific nightmarish dystopian rule! Ivan must find them first before they do!

A series in a mix with adventure, romance, humor, and Interstellar Warfare. No SJW/woke crap.


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