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๐ŸŽฎ Provenzano: The Lethal Dose's soundtrack album is out!

Last year we've wrote an article about Provenzano: The Lethal Dose, an indie adventure game from PimientoDREAMS.

Now, PimientoDREAMS has relased the soundtrack album of the game on Spotify and Soundcloud.

"My first solo album Provenzano: The Lethal Dose is now available on a total of 19 different platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon so you can finally take your pick! It's a 13 track collection of chiptune earworms which will take you straight to back to the 90s!"

"So if you love old school gaming music, why not check it out."

Then he later posted on Gab:

"Well here we are folks, 2022! Last year may have been difficult, but it was also a year in which I managed to release the first chapter of my game, Provenzano: The Lethal Dose along with the original soundtrack. Of course, with a brand new year comes brand new goals and opportunities. So here's some of what to look forward to from PimientoDREAMS in the next 12 months:

☑️ The continuation of development on the next part of Provenzano. This will hopefully be released to the public either towards the end of 2022 or in early 2023.

☑️ Production of my second album - a completely original collection of tunes. The aim is to release it towards the end of this year.

☑️ Involvement in another project with frequent collaborator Joelzilla. At the moment the full nature of my contribution is still being decided, but I will likely be involved in creation of the soundtrack.

Lots to be excited about, so watch this space! ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€"

PimientoDREAMS plans to create some new music and work on the next album.

So, checkout the cool album from this amazing game! 

Also check out the indie game, Provenzano: The Lethal Dose, here.

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