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Me at 18, being typical cynical. Fresh-out of high-school kid believed in the "I've given up in humanity" bullcrap working at a summer job at an amusement park, operating rides.

๐ŸŒŽ Parody: Introducing Reality®, way better than the Metaverse.

We're proud to present, Reality. 

Reality gives you the opportunity to have fresh air and experience a fourth dimension.

Our competitor, Metaverse, is actively encouraging people to isolate themselves from the physical world! We cannot believe this is what Mark Zuckerburg thinks people want or need. What we need is to reconnect with nature and have REAL connections with people again. None of this stuff will make anyone happier or make their lives more convenient. It's only going to create more loneliness in the world.

In the Metaverse, they will be arbiters of truth and define a new reality. Guiding your thoughts, emotions, work and personal life using an algorithm designed to increase their profits, at the cost of your individuality and freedom. Humanity must boycott this.

Reality brings you a more realistic experience, making it easy for users to reach, and users can also explore the content ecology by themselves, making metauniverse a platform for self-evolution.

Reality gives you advantages than Metaverse that you possibly imagine.

Things that you can do in Reality that Metaverse doesn't.

- No VR headset required, you are free from silly headgear and you can use your real eyes.

- No one will control you speech or how to live.

- 101% glitch free, but there are a few non-harming bugs though.

- Cookies are chocolate chip not digital.

- Analog 22.2 surround sound, no digital sound compression.

- Your physical media will always be present and no company can ever take way of what you purchased such as books.

- You can smell the air or the scent from nature's flowers.

- You can physically touch and hold objects and touch others like your family and friends like there really there.

- You have complete privacy: No one will watch you except for the Almighty.

- You're not confined and will have unlimited space.

- Reduces 90% of anxiety and depression.

- Money is physical. You will always have it anywhere and anytime.

In a time of great amount of loneliness and depression, we believe the last thing society needs is more technology which pushes us further away from our own social needs. Social media, in our opinion, needs to be far more regulated in order to prevent complete social isolation.

Imagine how depressing it would be to celebrate your birthday with VR with a virtual cake and friends and then you take off your VR headset and realize you're actually all alone ...

Here's a quote from one of our users: Muyล Gomi ็„ก็”จ ใ‚ดใƒŸ

"I love gaming, technology & gaming has always been my type of thing, but I think this is scary. 

It's amazing, an awesome idea, just like Ready Player One or low-key Sword Art Online but our world is already isolating themselves, 4 year old kids have already started getting addicted to phones, we can't just start replacing the real life with a virtual reality universe. It's amazing, I know, & I love how we can bring real life items around us into the game too, but tell me, what's better? Seeing the real life & living it your entire life or seeing Meta Verse BCGs, things, people,etc & living in it our entire life? If we do this MetaVerse 1-4 hrs a day like a game then it's fine, but 24/7..? I don't think support it." 

Another qoute from: Thash Machine

"Considering it's now impossible to have a conversation with somebody without then pulling out their phone I feel like this is going to be a huge issue."

Another qoute from: wissal zaher

"I don't know why I got a strange feeling from this on how the pandemic and the social isolation tied to it seem to benefit this type of projects. I think VR as a technology in itself is very "cool", it's super versatile especially when established in engineering sectors for modeling and control. I believe that nothing can replace the true human interactions with nature and others, the experience of what we call real world can never be digitized. This either serves as a reminder to really reconnect to our nature or drags us to a virtual rabbit hole. Time will tell."

With Metaverse and this virtual reality technology, We can predict with certainty that people will slowly begin to get their real life mixed up with their virtual life and with time we can see the two becoming as one and humans would not be able to separate between them.We think people will lose sense of what is real and what is virtual.

The Metaverse isn't really real, it's just a imaginary dream made up of ones and zeros, while Reality is real made up of atoms, rocks and stones by one person in just 7 days.

The ads and promotion of the Metaverse is basically saying “Hey, here’s a new world that’s filled with anything you desire! Just don’t take off your headset, or you’ll realize that reality is awful”. We do experience this kind of feeling these days; thinking that virtual reality is the reality we need in our lives, and this is just supporting that kind of lifestyle we have right now.

Technology is severely limiting our character as human beings. To a great extent, we no longer have to have to have patience, hard labor, physically socializing, be self-sufficient, learning the hard way, etc. It seriously takes away from any human effort or desire to test ourselves and endure hardships with many things we would otherwise learn greatly from. A seriously over-looked phenomenon that will bring us to our grave. It makes you want to get rid of my devices and get out in the real world.

And that's what Reality is, the real world.

One final advantage of Reality is, unlike Metaverse, it's FREE (with micro-transactions) 

Be sure to watch, The Matrix, the highest grossing documentary ever.

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