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๐Ÿ“ฐ Pandemic: The Board Game pulled from digital stores for “Multitude of Reasons".

News broke that the popular, Pandemic: The Board Game, was pulled from Steam, Apple App Store, Nintendo E-Shop, and Google Play for “Multitude of Reasons” ,including quality concerns and the name.

Aka the big gaming companies (with their woke ESG funding from the UN) "oy vey'd" the non-woke game into oblivion.

I own the board game, its a red pill for how the governments either know the current pandemic isn't real or they are evil f*ckups. The real reason is that they don't want people to realize that anyone can solve a "pandemic" in their basement with a PC, so why can't the global governments deal with a case of the flu....

Could it be that a game demonstrated the correct way to handle a pandemic?

Naaah! Couldn't be THAT, could it?

If there's a board game that everyone should play, it's Pandemic or Catan. Not that I own either of them. No friends IRL so no point, and digital versions are just sh*t as far as I'm concerned.

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