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・_>・ How to avoid wokeness.

 The Wokness pandemic is a serious problem in Western Society, it has slowly infected millions of lives since 2011. Here's how to avoid it and stop the spread. 

Side-effects from the virus may include.

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Mentally odd or unstable
  • Dementia
  • Paranoia schizophrenia
  • Trump Derange Syndrome 
  • Wrongly thinking they are the opposite sex; may self harm by cutting off their privates
  • Severe obesity or weight loss
  • May cause women and men to have short pink or blue hair
  • Might turn into a aquatic mud-shark
  • Children's hormones in extreme grotesque levels
  • May write odd or weird things on Twitter
  • Long periods may cause an appetite for Frog legs 

Vulnerable to Wokness: Normies (especially Children and people with low IQ)

Immune to Wokness: Frens and Gamers (Mostly)

1. Avoid NPCs

NPCs contain many bugs that may harm your Reality experience. They are carriers. They are not human anymore, but programmed puppets. Some are mentally unstable, verbally talking non-stop and sometimes violent. Many campaign and encourage people to get the Woke virus or commit genocide toward people (mostly Caucasians), which is unhealthy. Due to a long periods of time when infected with Wokeness, the NPC may experience a hunger towards Frogs and mostly eat their legs. We're not sure why, but they hunt Frogs when ever chance they get. They show no remorse, no regret, they can't be reasoned with, they can't be bargain or bribed with. They are not your friend.

2. Stop watching mainstream movies and TV, especially from Hollywood or BBC. 

Some movie producers, executives and newscasters have been infected for sometime since the 60's, the infection made their brains unstable and made them abuse their power to promote degenerate propaganda as their not right in their minds. This is equivalent in being drunk. They don't allow third-party content, so others won't find out about the cures like Vitamin C infusions. 

It is best to watch retro, indie or foreign entertainment.

3. Stay off big tech like Facebook, Twitter, Google.

Though mainstream TV is more infectiousness, big tech can be just as bad too giving you all sorts of nasty bugs, garbage, and invasion of your privates. So, you either have two choices, look for alternatives or stay off of your computer or phone.

4. Don't leave your kids with NPCs or infectiousness Woke material.

It is unhealthy and irresponsible as a parent or guardian to leave your children with your children with people who have mentally ill wokness especially in public schools or colleges were 85% of children get infected. They'll spread the infection further and you cannot undo it. 

Once your children have it, they'll turn against you or worse.

5. Live in the country side and do not piss off the locals!

If your planning on moving out from woke civilization to another area, another town, state, province, or nation, DO NOT piece off the local or they will harass or kick you out were you came from. It's like an Englishmen moving to the Scotland, Aussie moving to New Zealand, or a New Yorker moving to Virginia. DO NOT piss off the locals, assimilate and respect their culture and rules or face the consequences. 

6. Stop using the dollars or pounds. 

You need to ditch of couple dollars and a few pounds. too loose that extra weight so you won't be a slave to the banks. Use silver bullets instead in bits 'n pieces. 

7. Read books like the Bible.

Books are timeless, hard to infect people with wokness. But it will give you a clear piece of mind. 

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