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Norfolk #2 will get a Redux Edition.


                                    Fanart from the one and only @therealDiscoSB (He's awesome) 

Originally released in November 2019, Æ Firestone's second issue of his webcomic, Norfolk, will get a Redux Edtion later in March. The comic will be completely redone with new art and scenes. Why is he doing this? Well...his original artwork looks crap. 

He says he admits that his art of the early Norolfk issues isn't as great because he did it for fun and thought no one will take it seriously and believes he can do better than that. But he's been noticing some traffic from the web reading his comics, spacially Issue# 4. He's already made a Redux Edtion with the first issue, now he wants to do the same with the second and also make some adjustments on the third issue. 

Additionally, he will get rid of the Comic Sans font and replace it with the current one, due to the criticisms of the controversial (and memeable) font.

For the story, there will be some changes adding new character development and world-building. In this issue, the Legionnaire faces off with the gigantic "Gula". All of the art of Gula will stay the same, the creator believes they're already "perfect"; the Legionnaire will get a makeover because he's "too skinny". The original editions of the first and second issues will be removed from the downloads in the same month. So, if you want to keep them, it's best to download the files now while you'll still can before March 6. 

The Redux edition will be available in English, French, Japanese, Greek, and Russian when it's released sometime later in March. Norfolk #1 Redux will get a Russian translation in the same month.

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