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Norfolk #2 Redux Edition is available to download. FREE & DRM-FREE


It's been a while, hasn't it? Well yes, but actually no. This redux edition of Norfolk #2 was originally supposed to be published in March but it was delayed due to the author being sick and other stuff, so he didn't have the time to complete it. 

Æ really wanted to replace and improve the artwork to a professional level over the original and also adding new things to it. He originally made Norfolk just for fun 'til people started taking interest in it.

He wants to clarify it will be "a while" before he finishes the last five issues of the series. Issues 6 & 7 will be released simultaneously later this year, while Issues 8, 9 & 10 will come much much later. They do take a LONG time to complete since he's just one man doing the whole thing.

Well, it's April, and Norfolk #2 Redux Edtion is out and available for PDF download for free. Please enjoy, and consider reading or purchase his other works. 

In Norfolk City, the Legionnaire encounters another bigger fathom called "Gula", will the Legionnaire kick its fat-ass or will the monster go on a rampage with hunger! (with boss music)

Download PDF 🔻  30 MB


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