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Making some changes of Norfolk's web-comic website


Today we've made changes of Norfolk's website, We did to make it fresh and new and most web comics are often viewed on the web without downloading files. Everyone likes reading web comics on the go, without the hassle of files filling up storage space.

Norfolk is a Virginian web-comic created by Æ Firestone taking place in Norfolk, Virginia in the dystopian future of  2084 when giant machines fights monsters in the city with all-out destructible consequences. 

Nice n' clean!

  1. The website's UI is completely changed with a new slick, simple and clean interface.
  2. The left side bar makes it easier to navigate between different comic issues.
  3. Comics will no longer be PDF downloads, you can now read them freely on the website. Also making it easier to read on phone and tablets.
  4. You can view the website in different themes, Classic, Flipcard, Magazine, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot and Timeslide.
  5. There's now a search bar, so you can look up things within the website.
  6. Added a Gab share button to share it on

The non-English versions will not be available on the site at this time, so people won't get confused with the original English versions, but you can still download the PDF files of those versions via MEGA.

We're figuring out a way on how to view the non-English versions on the web, so be patient. A Polish, German and Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) translation is also planned in the future.

Web comic viewer under the Flipcard theme.

For the RPG game however, that will still be in PDF format. We've noticed the size of the file is huge, but that's to give you the high quality of the product. A "lite" version is planned, the images will be compressed and be in black & white. The lite version is designed for less data and storage use and we'll be using the same master file to make a second "cheaper" edition of the physical edition book of Norfolk RPG.

We haven't been posting content in awhile as we're all busy doing our own things, but we hope y'all enjoy these comics and our other content.




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