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Me at 18, being typical cynical. Fresh-out of high-school kid believed in the "I've given up in humanity" bullcrap working at a summer job at an amusement park, operating rides.

An indie point n' click adventure game about Pepe trapped in Epstein's Island is in the works.

                                            The lore is mysterious, it's stranger than fiction.

A indie point n' click adventure game about Pepe is in the works created by one individual named, Sapo. and he's been working on for a wile. The title of this game is called "The Mysterious of Epstein Island" You play as Apu, the protagonist, Apu was trying to find Tendie Island but ended up on Epstein Island (Oh dear). Sapo has spent 6 hours daily on the developing the game including complicated levels, drawing the art and dialogue. He's a huge fan of classic point n' click adventure games especially from LucasArts and Sierra games from the 1990's.

Sapo has said this is only for Windows (for now), but it should work fine on Linux via virtual machine.

In the game you will encounter the wilderness and complexity of the lore. How far deep does the iceberg go?

From his post via Gab. @DevSapo

"After almost a year since I was Q'd I would like to share some thoughts on the matter.

The whole idea of the game started when Espstein "was" still alive, I had practiced different things on pixel art and had no experience making any type game or interactive media, during Pizagate I learned about the Epstein case and the mystery surrounding the island.

Then, when the Epstein case hit the fan, I did the gif on the right. People on 4chan liked the style and asked for a game, so I made myself learn how to make a point and click adventure and finished a 4 room demo to test the idea.

Then Qanon shared some images from the game and earlier concept art. And I was contacted, and still are sometimes by people interested in Q related stuff.

I was weary at the beginning for two main reasons:

1- I didn't knew anything about Qanon and the people who orbit the information shared on those sites, I had no negative or positive interaction either way.

2- I instantly knew that If I started shilling to the Q crowd, my humble project could grow at the cost of respect for myself, I was tempted at the beginning but quickly discarded the notion. I say this to be clear how I felt in that moment.

So I decided not to talk about it, except when asked and not to shill my stuff even at the cost of losing opportunities.

I made Part 1, and slowly some people approached me. And every interaction I had with Q related people was suprisingly pleasant. The amount of information that those people have, had archived, share and the patience to walk me through some connections (always, I ask for proof or I ask step by step how they came to it) baffles me every chance I get to talk to them.

Having experienced that, I can see clearly how the media manipulates the information around Qanon, of course, that did not surprise me in the very least, I think everyone here is well informed on the matter, how media works, etc.

This is a rare statement, in part to explain my point of view and in part to thank all of you who had helped me during the time I had use to learn how to make the game, improve my drawing skills, my usage of english and scripting abilities.

For me, you are a fountain of motivation to continue on this project, every interaction or comment I take as a surprise. Having people liking or playing the stuff I make Is surreal for me.

I will continue with my project as I intended it in the beginning, interactive shitpost. When Q shared it, I was finishing the demo and nobody knew how it will turn out, so I don't recommend viewing the stuff as "endorsed" by Q.

But I can't say that I was not affected by the happening."

@danmac "Did you ever play Zak McKraken and the Alien Mindbenders back in the LucasArts days? I get a definite vibe of that from your work."

@DevSapo "Yes! Also maniac mansion, Sierra games, Gabriel Knight and my favourite "I have no mouth and I must scream".

My idea is, when I finish this, to make a serious game about "The Finders" going step by step on the real investigation and events. Playing as the point of view of the policeman who found the van with the children, really heavy stuff, but I was enthralled by the story and the FBI FOIA documents that came later."

This is a one man made game that he spent time working on, he's already released part 1 and part 2 and translated it into English.(Original language unknown) He's made 90+ Rooms, Save System, Branching Choices (Only one ending, with minimal variation) and Epstein's Temple (and what's underneath.)

"Whatever happens, whatever the media says, I'm grateful for your support and help and would implore you to continue researching, pushing and showing people the truth.

The things happening in your country now, is a disservice to every informed citizen."

                                                                   "Welcome to Hell"

In the game you will encounter many antagonists through Apu's journey and escape of Epstein's island.

The game is estimated around 6 to 8 hours of gameplay in a blind run and some replayability value, since you can make some choices that either unlocks more information about the characters and different dialogue options. You can save and load, so you can explore the different options at your leisure. Sapo is really happy at the state of his game so far, he will use his time to see how the game goes once it's out and then he will start working on the last part of this trilogy.

The game looks great and it's beautifully designed, it's better than today's  mainstream games. This is one of the examples of indie content creators growing and rising up against the woke/corporate overlords.

In my opinion, Sapo (if he has the time) should also port it to Linux and BD-J.

Game for Windows

Sapo's Gab page

Sapo's Patron

"The pursuit of art has always been based"

 -Literature Devil

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