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๐ŸฅŠ The #1 Boxer

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    Ok, so there was this boxer, right? Completely famous, top of his game, and owns 13 different brands of mudflaps, you know the type. He gets knocked out by a rookie and suffers damage to his entire body, he's out of the damn game. 

That boy never came back, and he's completely broke because his mudflap companies failed, you know, paved roads and all that. The guy goes off on a tangent of odd jobs, workin' as a fry cook, an entrepreneur, and a babysitter until eventually, he finds this really hot chick. The guy marries her after about 3 years of dating but divorces her for cheating on him. 

Now, scientists have been working on the case for years, and have finally come up with enough evidence to win a lawsuit against the rookie for use of drugs in the sport. 

They donated the money won to the boxer, totaling over 15 million dollars, and the boxer buys a large house with his money and runs a dog shelter. One day, one of the more mischievous dogs, Maggie, lights a gas fire, engulfing the man's house and savings. Eventually, after years of living on the streets, he finds this really hot chick. 

The guy marries her after about 3 years of dating but divorces her after he finds her in bed with Maggie. With his newfound riches, he goes to an interactable boxing exhibit to calm himself, and there's a huge line. 

He asks a clerk what's happening, and the clerk answers, "Oh, this is the punch line, sir!"

Image: ©ร† Firestone/Storyteller


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