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My Hero Academia author Kohei Horikoshi bends the knee to woke Twitter outrage mob!

The Twitter outrage mob (Far-Left Westerners) we're unsatisfied with My Hero Academia author Kohei Horikoshi’s initial apology for the name of a villain which some perceived as a reference to the Japanese war crimes during World War II have taken to demanding further clarification and childishly destroying their manga collections in protest. The ensuing outrage led to Horikoshi issuing a more detailed, formal apology to readers which was a grave mistake! 

My Hero Academia Mangaka Issues Official Apology as Outrage Against Perceived War Crime Reference Grows and Fans Destroy Manga Collections

How uncivilized and childish, and suddenly deleted the account afterward. Real fans wouldn't do this, dumbasses do.

My Hero Academia Season 3 Announced! - YouTube
Despite apologizing and informing readers that a perceived reference to Unit 731 in the name of villain Maruta Shiga was unintentional and stating that he intended to change the character’s name, outraged the fans mob felt that the Hirokoshi’s initial response was lacking. The woke mob made the hashtag ‘#Hero_do_not_harm_innocent_people’ to air their fake grievances and continued to demand a ‘proper’ apology from Horikoshi. 

My Hero Academia (and also One Punch Man) is currently one of the best high-quality superhero comics lately, better than Marvel and DC's newest SJW infested comics. It would be surprising this is why the Twitter mob has been attacking the series for years now. I feel like SJW culture is slowly creeping in on Japan, albeit to its resistance is more stern. The west really needs to take down the demons it created before it infects the world, Japan does have SJWs of their own, but they're NOWHERE near as cancerous as the western ones though.

First of all, DO NOT EVER cater to these people they are insane and crazy! They mostly do not buy your products and they just whine, bitch and cry about everything with hissy fits and temper tantrums like 5 year-olds. Apologizing makes it worse because it gives more power to them making them think they have control over you. They are cyber-bullies. Twitter only makes 2% of the American population and it's basically a far-left LOUD MOUTH minority platform. I doubt that there are people who both destroyed their own manga collections and were real fans of the series

Why in the Hell would you bend the knee to the people that don't buy your stuff especially to Dumb foreign SJW Westerners? They only complain on Twatter and that's it. No spending money.

This is why the anime 'community' needs to gatekeep. To keep out these modern internet puritans, the perpetually offended and other "normies". No apologies, no compromise, no bending the knee. Doing otherwise will lead to the death of anime and it turning into what western film/tv/music/animation, etc. has become. So better prepare yourself, because Animegate is coming!Not so sensible justice « The Daily Blog

It happened last year with the Vic Mingona shit. Now we're dealing with the fallout. Normies should be no longer allowed to watch anime or play anime games because they'll never understand the concept. Anime must go back to being niche, and we as a community must turn into the most elitist, insular dickheads we can possibly be. There's no other way. Compromising led us to this. Only support the subs, and if a show bends the knee, pirate the fuck out of it. There can be no exceptions. This is war now.

Jonathan Kay on the tyranny of Twitter: How mob censure is changing the intellectual landscape ...

This is why anime shouldn't go mainstream. As soon as it does, these puritans will get their disgusting claws into it and destroy it from the inside. Just look at what happened to so many video game developers and news sites.

How sad must your life be to harass people over their art styles when western women are looking like troglodytes, (or whales and horses)

Horikoshi owes alot to the manga, since if it failed he would've quit manga altogether. We just need to remind him who the real fans are.

I'm sure he wouldn't have changed it if they didn't destroy their copies of the manga and spread it across social media. Any person would break if they see their life's work in the trash. It's sad.

In my opinion, this situation is an attack of freedom of speech and artistic expression, you can artistically create anything you want because it's your God-given unalienable right. Don't listen to, foreigners, cyberbullies or the woke outrage mob that are the minorities and don't even buy your products. Civilized people and true manga fans don't act like this. 


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