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REVIEW: De-Mainstream YouTube - A browser extension to remove Mainstream Media results from YouTube searches.

De-Mainstream is a browser extension to remove God-awful Mainstream Media results from YouTube searches. This is a great tool for searching true trending content and results and an answer to independent content creators. As you are browsing and using YouTube search, all of the YouTube channels in the block-list are hidden from results. All mainstream YouTube channels will not be shown.

I've tried it and IT WORKS! It perfectly removed all of the listed channels. It makes youtube much more usable and interesting again. I'm not much into politics, but this definitely removes all the sponsored crap and noise from the search results. Youtube should just have a "cable news" section and put these channels there.

The Mainstream media mostly from the BIG FIVE media corporations of CBSViacom, Disney, AT&T, Comcast, and Sony, BIG TECH including Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon and many others have been influencing society with their power. Many are tired of it. It's overrated.

The good news from this app that's it's open-source, it works well with Chrome, Chrome-based browsers, and Firefox.

My only criticism of this extension that it doesn't allow you to add more mainstream channels to the block-list like ABC, CBC, BBC, and MTV lectures. But it's website said: "People can submit new requests for channels to add to the YouTube channel block list." You can contact them on there website for requests or make a fork of your own.

Non-American mainstream channels that need to be on the list too.
Channel 4 News
BBC Newsnight
This Morning
Good Morning Britain
Daily Mail
ABC (Aussie)

"YouTube's Promotion of Traditional Mainstream Media is not Popular...
Youtube injects Mainstream Media sources into their search results and forces out real independent YouTube creators that built the platform."

That is sad and true, the majority of mainstream content isn't popular and they want you to think that it's popular.

"Mainstream entertainment companies that produce ad-friendly, premium content are seeing the red carpet rolled out for them at the expense of independent video creators who feel they’re being pushed aside" 

Watch the video below on the demonstration of the exertion.

The Golden Age of YouTube is Over, it was platform was built on the backs of independent creators, but now YouTube is abandoning them for more traditional mainstream content.

                                        The Media only wants what they want you to hear.

Verdict, this is a great web extension for searching true results and trends that are not mainstream, so far it works with Chrome, Chrome-based browsers, and Firefox. My only criticism is that cannot add more mainstream channels. Hopefully, there will be an update on that.


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