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New David Copperfield Movie goes WOKE: Race Swapping and Historical Revision that butchers the well known classic.

Based on the classic novel by Charles Dickens and directed by Veep creator Armando Iannucci, the trailer features Patel’s Copperfield recalling his life from an early age in Victorian England. “My boyhood days seem now like a scarcely believable fiction,” he says, as scenes of him as a child working in a factory flash across the screen. The film distributed by Searchlight Pictures (Cough... cough... Disney) 

This new movie made its original white characters with race swapping of a diverse cast as an attempt to “rub our noses in diversity”. Armando Ianucci decided to make a colorblind casting for the sake of cultural appropriation. Rotten Tomatoes critics love it with a 95%πŸ… fresh score. 

Can you imagine the uproar if somebody decided that they were going to make a film of Uncle Tom's Cabin, and the lead actor was a white male actor, blacked up for the part of Uncle Tom? Or a white-man playing as a African-American icon? 

But apparently, it is perfectly OK to have a black Indian actor in a film play a white man in a 19th-century story of poverty and middle-class mores set in 19th century England when there were only a handful [in relative terms] of black people of any sort in the country, and none are featured in the novel.

Dev Patel who plays as David Copperfield confirmed in interviews that he hasn't even read the book, which is a sign that he doesn't care about the original source material. 

Charles Dickens was above all a social commenter and his works, including “David Copperfield” were an accurate description of the social life and structures of 19th. Britain. This is why attempts to present that period as anything other than it actually was, particularly in a historically inaccurate "woke" and multicultural racist way are particularly unacceptable. 

If the globalist agenda is to erase the nation-states of the West, so that those countries' inhabitants will accept being governed by supranational organizations - which is the globalists' agenda - then erasing people's sense of belonging to a country and a culture is absolutely essential.

The Soviet Union understood this very well - and engaged not only in flooding target countries in their empire with people from totally different cultures, so as to erase their sense of identity, but also by deliberately erasing the target people's sense of cultural identity.

The globalists, who control the entire UK political class, and the entire UK media - are engaged in exactly the same operation. This is a fine example of anti-western agenda erasing the UKs past with diversity and cultural appropriation and historical revisionism. 

“Everyone should be able to play anything, as long as you’re not whiting or blacking up or whatever, and you can find some truth in it”, he says.

Well, if that is true, what is wrong with whiting up or blackening up? It's just makeup after all.

A Comment from Connor Purcell made a comment on 8 Oct 2019 9:32AM  (Telegram has been censoring comments about the film)

He says:
"Can't wait for Owen Wilson to play Martin Luther King, Jr.
Or how about Tom Cruise as Malcolm X?
Ben Stiller would surely be magnificent as Frederick Douglass.
If you have a problem with any of these castings, but not with Dev Patel as David Copperfield, I have some news for you: you are racist. You are a hypocrite. You condemn "whitewashing" but praise "brownwashing" and "blackwashing" at every opportunity.
You support the theft of character, their history, and their identity and consider it 'colourblind' and 'progressive', but then turn around and criticize the same actions - only when they are taken by someone you perceive as "white" - and have the audacity to act like you're better.
News flash: you aren't.
In fact, you're WORSE than anyone who would "whitewash" a character, because you lie and bend and twist the truth while feigning moral superiority and never even admitting that what you're doing is "blackwashing" or "brownwashing" or race-swapping a character, cast or story.
Then (most of) you prejudicially critique the casting of people you see as "white" by labeling it "whitewashing" and calling it racist (despite the fact that doing this is racist by definition), assuming and assigning motives without thinking twice while criticizing, condemning, shaming and boycotting the project and people who were involved.

I wouldn't have as much of a problem with this if you'd simply admit your racism and refrain from criticizing others for doing the same thing you do."

This movie is racist and an insult to the West. 

If this makes everyone in the Woke community happy then I'm looking forward to Daniel Craig playing Martin Luther King. πŸ˜ 


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