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Monstroville, a classic style Saturday Morning cartoon pilot from Cartoon Hullabaloo Studios!

In the rise of independent content creators, a US-based independent studio called Cartoon Hullabaloo Studios is making a classic style Saturday Morning cartoon pilot "Monstroville", using old school traditional animation techniques. Unlike the Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss pilots, Monstroville will be family-friendly for all ages with American values.

The story of the pilot is unknown for now, but this is truly amazing and brings back the nostalgia of the good old days of when cartoons were good!

 It's inspired by the old 1930's Max Fleischer cartoons and 1950-60's Sci-fi/horror B-movies including Plan 9 From Outer Space. The inspiration for the main hero Edward Von Ghastly's robot arm is taking from Mega Man's blaster, one of their favorite classic Nintendo video games.

Everything they raise goes towards production by paying their creative team of including; designers & animators. The studio's mission is to bring back the 1970's-80's Saturday Morning cartoon experience that we all remember as kids.

Every once in a while they've been showing off bits and pieces of the project, the quality is very high and looks entertaining.

It's so sad today's American cartoons are not what they used to be, repetitive, boring and degrading. Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon have lost their touch with the viewers over the years. Saturday Morning Entertainment is forever gone.

But Monstroville looks waaaayy better than CN and Nick's new stuff, and it looks very original. It also kind of reminds me of the game, Psychonauts, Casper and the older Scooby-Doo. It also reminds me of the "good" cartoons from the early 2000s.

The studio has been hard at work with the art, animation, acting, sound, and music for this pilot to be ready in the summer and they've been looking for artists & animators who can do hand-drawn frame-by-frame and looking for 3D Artist to handle 3D environment modeling. They've been also thinking about publishing a pdf print magazine that features video games & cartoons.

Cartoon Hullabaloo Studios has asked what other extras should they give to there backers. I said they should offer a Blu-ray copy or BD/DVD combo pack since they were offering DVD copy only. You can see the pilot in glorious high definition picture on Blu-ray, DVD wouldn't be as great.

UPDATE: They have scrapped the CG models, now going with 100% traditional animation backgrounds and the cartoon will be available on Amazon video on demand!

Here are my suggestions for special features if they do offer it on Blu-ray. It should have these to increase the value.
- Audio Commentary(s)
- Art Gallery
- Trailers
- Behind the scenes/ Making of Features
- Mini-Games
- Soundtrack CD/Audio
- Easter Eggs
- Trivia track of compiled production notes, anecdotes, and film facts.
- Upon ejecting the disc a Montroville logo will appear (not all players support this feature.)

They can take advantage of Blu-ray with a cute loading screen, and a custom BD thumbnail.

Cartoon Hullabaloo Studio's project is at Ko-Fi if you want to support their work for the price of a cup of coffee.

Everyone who backs the production will get...
- Downloadable Hi-res content
- Weekly behind-the-scenes updates
- Downloadable Hi-res version of the cartoon before the general public
- Associate Producer (the name will appear during credits)
- And more!

There's also a Bitchute channel that show's off clips of the pilot, the trailer and many old cartoons and movies from the old days. Check it out it's awesome!


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